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Caspase-8 auto-cleavage regulates programmed cell death and collaborates with RIPK3/MLKL to prevent lymphopenia Li, XM; Li, F; Zhang, XX; Zhang, HW; Zhao, Q; Li, M; Wu, XX; Wang, LX; Liu, JL; Wu, XH; Ou, YJ; Xing, MY; Zhang, Y; Deng, JS; Wang, XZ; Luo, Y; Li, JB; Zhao, YW; Zhang, HB Article; Early Access CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2022
Caspase-8 Promotes Pulmonary Hypertension by Activating Macrophage-Associated Inflammation and IL-1 beta (Interleukin 1 beta) Production Rong, WW; Liu, CC; Li, XM; Wan, NF; Wei, LJ; Zhu, WT; Bai, PY; Li, M; Ou, YJ; Li, F; Wang, LX; Wu, XH; Liu, JL; Xing, MY; Zhao, XM; Liu, H; Zhang, HB; Lyu, AK Article ARTERIOSCLEROSIS THROMBOSIS AND VASCULAR BIOLOGY 2022
Cathelicidin-related antimicrobial peptide protects against enteric pathogen-accelerated type 1 diabetes in mice Jia, LL; Li, JH; Zhang, M; Liu, H; Ren, ZN; Dong, XL; Pan, XH; Qiu, J; Pan, LL; Sun, J Article THERANOSTICS 2022
Cellobiose inhibits the release of deoxynivalenol from transformed deoxynivalenol-3-glucoside from Lactiplantibacillus plantarum. Li, Kailin; Wang, Lan; Yu, Dianzhen; Yan, Zheng; Liu, Na; Wu, Aibo Journal Article Food chemistry. Molecular sciences 2022
Cell-type heterogeneity: Why we should adjust for it in epigenome and biomarker studies Qi, L; Teschendorff, AE Article CLINICAL EPIGENETICS 2022
Characterization of spleen and lymph node cell types via CITE-seq and machine learning methods Li, H; Wang, DL; Zhou, XC; Ding, SJ; Guo, W; Zhang, SQ; Li, ZD; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2022
ChemR23 signaling ameliorates cognitive impairments in diabetic mice via dampening oxidative stress and NLRP3 inflammasome activation Zhang, JW; Liu, L; Zhang, YX; Yuan, Y; Miao, ZJ; Lu, KL; Zhang, XJ; Ni, RQ; Zhang, HB; Zhao, YW; Wang, XZ Article REDOX BIOLOGY 2022
Cholesterol suppresses GOLM1-dependent selective autophagy of RTKs in hepatocellular carcinoma Shao, WQ; Zhu, WW; Luo, MJ; Fan, MH; Li, Q; Wang, SH; Lin, ZF; Zhao, J; Zheng, Y; Dong, QZ; Lu, L; Jia, HL; Zhang, JB; Lu, M; Chen, JH; Qin, LX Article CELL REPORTS 2022
Cmarr/miR-540-3p axis promotes cardiomyocyte maturation transition by orchestrating Dtna expression Wu, YK; Guo, XD; Han, T; Feng, K; Zhang, P; Xu, YX; Yang, YW; Xia, YC; Chen, Y; Xi, JJ; Yang, HT; Wan, XP; Kang, JH Article MOLECULAR THERAPY-NUCLEIC ACIDS 2022
Colchicine prophylaxis is associated with fewer gout flares after COVID-19 vaccination Lu, J; He, YW; Terkeltaub, R; Sun, MS; Ran, ZJ; Xu, XM; Wang, C; Li, XD; Hu, SH; Xue, XM; Yan, F; Zhang, H; Yin, HY; Shi, YY; Dalbeth, N; Li, CG Article; Early Access ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES 2022
Combined Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibition Overcomes MAPK/Extracellular SignaleRegulated Kinase Kinase Inhibitor Resistance in Plexiform Neurofibroma of Neurofibromatosis Type I Wang, W; Cui, XW; Gu, YH; Wei, CJ; Li, YH; Ren, JY; Chung, MH; Aimaier, RHGL; Zhang, HB; Li, QF; Wang, ZC Article JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2022
Computational Identification of Preneoplastic Cells Displaying High Stemness and Risk of Cancer Progression Liu, TY; Zhao, X; Lin, Y; Luo, Q; Zhang, SS; Xi, YY; Chen, YM; Lin, L; Fan, WY; Yang, J; Ma, YL; Maity, AK; Huang, YY; Wang, JB; Chang, J; Lin, DX; Teschendorff, AE; Wu, C Article CANCER RESEARCH 2022
Convergent alteration of lung tissue microbiota and tumor cells in lung cancer Dong, H; Tan, Q; Xu, YY; Zhu, YQ; Yao, YX; Wang, YZ; Li, C; Li, H; Zhang, GQ; Xiong, Y; Ruan, MH; Zhao, JD; Jin, WR; Lu, LG; Lu, S Article ISCIENCE 2022
Coronavirus GenBrowser for monitoring the transmission and evolution of SARS-CoV-2 Yu, DL; Yang, X; Tang, BX; Pan, YH; Yang, JN; Duan, GY; Zhu, JW; Hao, ZQ; Mu, HL; Dai, L; Hu, WJ; Zhang, MC; Cui, Y; Jin, T; Li, CP; Ma, LN; Su, X; Zhang, GQ; Zhao, WM; Li, HP Article BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS 2022
CpG Site-Specific Methylation-Modulated Divergent Expression of PRSS3 Transcript Variants Facilitates Nongenetic Intratumor Heterogeneity in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Lin, SY; Xu, HL; Pang, MD; Zhou, XM; Pan, YM; Zhang, LS; Guan, X; Wang, XY; Lin, BA; Tian, RM; Chen, KQ; Zhang, XC; Yang, ZJ; Ji, FM; Huang, YY; Wei, W; Gong, WH; Ren, JK; Wang, JM; Guo, MZ; Huang, JQ Article FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2022
Cullin-9/p53 mediates HNRNPC degradation to inhibit erastin-induced ferroptosis and is blocked by MDM2 inhibition in colorectal cancer Lv, Y; Tang, WT; Zhang, ZY; Lin, Q; Luo, YX; Zheng, P; Li, K; Jia, XN; Pang, YZ; Ji, ML; Feng, QY; He, GD; Wang, YX; Xu, JM Article ONCOGENE 2022
Current Advances in Immunoassays for the Detection of beta(2)-Agonists Ouyang, SY; Yu, ST; Le, YY Review FOODS 2022
Cyanidin-3-O-glucoside promotes stress tolerance and lifespan extension of Caenorhabditis elegans exposed to polystyrene via DAF-16 pathway Chen, W; Chen, Z; Shan, S; Wu, AB; Zhao, C; Ye, X; Zheng, XD; Zhu, RY Article MECHANISMS OF AGEING AND DEVELOPMENT 2022
dbDEMC 3.0: Functional Exploration of Differentially Expressed miRNAs in Cancers of Human and Model Organisms Xu, F; Wang, YF; Ling, YC; Zhou, CF; Wang, HZ; Teschendorff, AE; Zhao, Y; Zhao, HT; He, YG; Zhang, GQ; Yang, Z Article GENOMICS PROTEOMICS & BIOINFORMATICS 2022
Deciphering Alternaria metabolic responses in microbial confrontation via an integrated mass spectrometric targeted and non-targeted strategy. Tian, Ye; Abdallah, Mohamed F; De Boevre, Marthe; Audenaert, Kris; Wang, Cheng; De Saeger, Sarah; Wu, Aibo Journal Article Food chemistry 2022
Deep learning methods identify eyelid laxity as the main feature causing the aging look Wang, F; Li, Z; Hu, X; Ye, R; Du, L; Wang, S Meeting Abstract JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2022
DeepMHCII: a novel binding core-aware deep interaction model for accurate MHC-II peptide binding affinity prediction You, RH; Qu, W; Mamitsuka, H; Zhu, SF Article; Proceedings Paper BIOINFORMATICS 2022
Defining Specific Cell States of MPTP-Induced Parkinson's Disease by Single-Nucleus RNA Sequencing Guo, YX; Ma, JJ; Huang, H; Xu, JT; Jiang, C; Ye, KQ; Chang, N; Ge, QY; Wang, GZ; Zhao, XW Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022
Detecting archaic introgression and modeling multiple-wave admixture with ArchaicSeeker 2.0. Zhang, Rui; Yuan, Kai; Xu, Shuhua STAR protocols 2022
Detecting Blood Methylation Signatures in Response to Childhood Cancer Radiotherapy via Machine Learning Methods Li, ZD; Guo, W; Ding, SJ; Feng, KY; Lu, L; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article BIOLOGY-BASEL 2022
Detecting Brain Structure-Specific Methylation Signatures and Rules for Alzheimer's Disease Li, ZD; Guo, W; Zeng, T; Yin, J; Feng, KY; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE 2022
Development of a Novel UPLC-MS/MS Method for the Simultaneous Determination of 16 Mycotoxins in Different Tea Categories Zhou, HY; Yan, Z; Yu, S; Wu, AB; Liu, N Article TOXINS 2022
Developmental arsenic exposure impairs cognition, directly targets DNMT3A, and reduces DNA methylation Yan, N; Li, YT; Xing, YF; Wu, JL; Li, JB; Liang, Y; Tang, YG; Wang, ZY; Song, HX; Wang, HY; Xiao, SJ; Lu, M Article EMBO REPORTS 2022
Dietary Fiber Intake and Gut Microbiota in Human Health Fu, JX; Zheng, Y; Gao, Y; Xu, WH Review MICROORGANISMS 2022
Dietary selection of metabolically distinct microorganisms drives hydrogen metabolism in ruminants Li, QS; Wang, R; Ma, ZY; Zhang, XM; Jiao, JZ; Zhang, ZG; Ungerfeld, EM; Yi, KL; Zhang, BZ; Long, L; Long, Y; Tao, Y; Huang, T; Greening, C; Tan, ZL; Wang, M Article; Early Access ISME JOURNAL 2022
Display of receptor-binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein variants on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell surface Xing, HG; Zhu, LY; Wang, PP; Zhao, GP; Zhou, ZH; Yang, Y; Zou, H; Yan, X Article FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Distance covariance entropy reveals primed states and bifurcation dynamics in single-cell RNA-Seq data Luo, Q; Maity, AK; Teschendorff, AE Article ISCIENCE 2022
DUB3/KLF4 combats tumor growth and chemoresistance in hepatocellular carcinoma Jia, XB; Li, L; Wang, F; Xue, Y; Wu, TD; Jia, QQ; Li, YH; Wu, CM; Chen, YP; Wu, JH; Su, Y; Wang, XS; Zhuang, T; Dong, X; Ling, J; Yuan, J; Li, Q Article CELL DEATH DISCOVERY 2022
Dynamic miRNA profile of host T cells during early hepatic stages of Schistosoma japonicum infection Giri, BR; Li, S; Fang, CT; Qiu, L; Yan, S; Pakharukova, MY; Cheng, GF Article FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Editorial: Decoding Brain Function Through Genetics Toriumi, K; Wang, GZ; Berto, S; Usui, N Editorial Material FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2022
Editorial: Finding New Epigenomics and Epigenetics Biomarkers for Complex Diseases and Significant Developmental Events With Machine Learning Methods Xie, L; Huang, T; Liebman, M; Zhang, YH Editorial Material FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2022
Editorial: Finding new epigenomics and epigenetics biomarkers for complex diseases and significant developmental events with machine learning methods, Volume II Cai, YD; Jia, PL; Huang, T Editorial Material FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2022
Editorial: Innate Immunity in Kidney Injury, Repair and Fibrosis Yang, B; Yang, C; Wang, Y Editorial Material FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Editorial: RNA Modification in Human Cancers: Roles and Therapeutic Implications Zhou, Y; Huang, T; Li, TB; Sun, J Editorial Material FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2022
Editorial: Time, genetics, and complex disease Zhang, LY; Turck, CW; Wang, GZ Editorial Material FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2022
Effects of Fumonisin B and Hydrolyzed Fumonisin B on Growth and Intestinal Microbiota in Broilers Yu, S; Jia, BX; Lin, HK; Zhang, S; Yu, DZ; Liu, N; Wu, AB Article TOXINS 2022
Efficacy and safety of radiotherapy combined with atezolizumab plus bevacizumab in treating hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumour thrombus: a study protocol Wang, K; Yu, HM; Xiang, YJ; Cheng, YQ; Ni, QZ; Guo, WX; Shi, J; Feng, S; Zhai, J; Cheng, SQ Article BMJ OPEN 2022
Elimination of Fusarium mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON) via microbial and enzymatic strategies: Current status and future perspectives Tian, Y; Zhang, DC; Cai, PL; Lin, HK; Ying, H; Hu, QN; Wu, AB Article TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2022
Embryonic vascular establishment requires protein C receptor-expressing endothelial progenitors Yu, QC; Bai, LY; Chen, YY; Chen, YJ; Peng, GD; Wang, DS; Yang, GW; Cui, GZ; Jing, NH; Zeng, YA Article DEVELOPMENT 2022
Emerging roles of ILC2s in antitumor immunity Li, Z; Sun, HX; Gu, ZT; Qiu, J Letter CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Emerging roles of selenium on metabolism and type 2 diabetes Zhao, JX; Zou, H; Huo, YL; Wei, XY; Li, Y Review FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION 2022
Epigenetic clock: A promising biomarker and practical tool in aging Duan, R; Fu, QY; Sun, Y; Li, QF Review AGEING RESEARCH REVIEWS 2022
Epithelial cells-enriched lncRNA SNHG8 regulates chromatin condensation by binding to Histone H1s He, P; Zhang, C; Ji, Y; Ge, MK; Yu, Y; Zhang, N; Yang, S; Yu, JX; Shen, SM; Chen, GQ Article; Early Access CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2022
Establishment of a lipid metabolism disorder model in ApoEb mutant zebrafish Hu, YX; You, HM; Zhu, RF; Liang, YL; Li, FF; Qin, YW; Zhao, XX; Liang, C; Jing, Q Article ATHEROSCLEROSIS 2022
Exclusion of NUMB Exon12 Controls Cancer Cell Migration through Regulation of Notch1-SMAD3 Crosstalk Zhan, Z; Yuan, NY; You, X; Meng, K; Sha, RL; Wang, ZZ; Peng, Q; Xie, ZQ; Chen, RJ; Feng, Y Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2022