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Scalp hair loss is not random across follicular units: A new insight into human hair ageing Luo, JY; Qian, QL; Zheng, WX; Gripkauskaite, I; Wu, SJ; Zhang, M; Li, JX; Fu, BF; Bhogal, R; Murray, P; Rowson, M; Li, B; Xue, XY; Gu, XL; Yang, YJ; Jin, L; Gunn, DA; Wang, SJ Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COSMETIC SCIENCE 2023
scBrainMap: a landscape for cell types and associated genetic markers in the brain Chi, YH; Qi, RC; Zhou, Y; Tong, HG; Jin, HB; Turck, CW; Chen, WH; Wang, GZ Article DATABASE-THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL DATABASES AND CURATION 2023
Scribble promotes fibrosis-dependent mechanisms of hepatocarcinogenesis by p53/PUMA-mediated glycolysis Wu, YJ; Song, LL; Kong, JW; Wen, Q; Jiao, JZ; Wang, XY; Li, G; Xu, X; Zhan, LX Article BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR BASIS OF DISEASE 2023
SCUBE2 mediates bone metastasis of luminal breast cancer by modulating immune-suppressive osteoblastic niches Wu, QY; Tian, P; He, DS; Jia, ZC; He, YF; Luo, WQ; Lv, XZ; Wang, Y; Zhang, PY; Liang, YJ; Zhao, WJ; Qin, J; Su, P; Jiang, YZ; Shao, ZM; Yang, QF; Hu, GH Article CELL RESEARCH 2023
Single-cell and spatially resolved transcriptomics for liver biology Lin, P; Yan, X; Jing, SY; Wu, YH; Shan, YR; Guo, WB; Gu, J; Li, Y; Zhang, HB; Li, H Review; Early Access HEPATOLOGY 2023
Single-cell atlas reveals a distinct immune profile fostered by T cell-B cell crosstalk in triple negative breast cancer Ding, SN; Qiao, N; Zhu, QC; Tong, YW; Wang, SY; Chen, XS; Tian, Q; Xiao, YC; Shen, KW Article CANCER COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals the suppressive effect of PPP1R15A inhibitor Sephin1 in antitumor immunity Wang, RJ; Zhang, YC; Guo, SW; Pei, SY; Guo, W; Wu, ZC; Wang, HL; Wang, MH; Li, YZ; Zhu, YF; Meng, LH; Lang, JY; Jin, G; Xiao, YC; Hu, LD; Kong, XY Article ISCIENCE 2023
SIRT3-and FAK-mediated acetylation-phosphorylation crosstalk of NFATc1 regulates N-epsilon-carboxymethyl-lysine-induced vascular calcification in diabetes mellitus Sun, Z; Zhang, LL; Yin, K; Zang, GY; Qian, YJ; Mao, X; Li, LH; Jing, Q; Wang, ZQ Article ATHEROSCLEROSIS 2023
SLC7A14 imports GABA to lysosomes and impairs hepatic insulin sensitivity via mTORC2 Jiang, XX; Liu, K; Jiang, HZ; Yin, HR; Wang, ED; Cheng, H; Yuan, FX; Xiao, F; Wang, FF; Lu, W; Peng, B; Shu, YS; Li, XY; Chen, SH; Guo, FF Article CELL REPORTS 2023
Sleep Duration and Risks of Incident Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality Among People With Type 2 Diabetes Han, H; Wang, Y; Li, TT; Feng, CW; Kaliszewski, C; Su, Y; Wu, YF; Zhou, J; Wang, L; Zong, G Article DIABETES CARE 2023
SMDB: a Spatial Multimodal Data Browser Cao, RF; Ling, YC; Meng, JY; Jiang, A; Luo, RJ; He, QW; Li, AA; Chen, YJ; Zhang, ZT; Liu, F; Li, YX; Zhang, GQ Article NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2023
Spatial Reconstruction of Oligo and Single Cells by De Novo Coalescent Embedding of Transcriptomic Networks Zhao, YX; Zhang, SQ; Xu, J; Yu, YY; Peng, GD; Cannistraci, CV; Han, JDJ Article ADVANCED SCIENCE 2023
Sugary beverages and genetic risk in relation to brain structure and incident dementia: a prospective cohort study Chen, H; Chen, J; Cao, YY; Sun, YH; Huang, LY; Ji, JS; Voortman, T; Vernooij, MW; Shen, J; Zheng, Y; Zong, G; Yuan, CZ Article AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION 2023
SynBioTools: a one-stop facility for searching and selecting synthetic biology tools Cai, PL; Liu, S; Zhang, DC; Xing, HD; Han, MY; Liu, DL; Gong, LL; Hu, QN Article; Data Paper BMC BIOINFORMATICS 2023
Systematic Microbiome Dysbiosis Is Associated with IgA Nephropathy Cai, FT; Zhou, CF; Jiao, N; Liang, XL; Ye, ZM; Chen, W; Yang, QQ; Peng, H; Tang, Y; Niu, CQ; Zhao, GP; Wang, ZF; Zhang, GQ; Yu, XQ Article MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM 2023
Tardigrade Heat-soluble Proteins: Unique Properties and Biological Functions in The Survival of Extreme Environment Wang, ZF Review PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2023
Targeting hepatic serine-arginine protein kinase 2 ameliorates alcohol-associated liver disease by alternative splicing control of lipogenesis Li, GN; Chen, HQ; Shen, F; Smithson, SB; Shealy, GL; Ping, QG; Liang, ZR; Han, JY; Adams, AC; Li, Y; Feng, DC; Gao, B; Morita, M; Han, XL; Huang, TH; Musi, N; Zang, MW Article HEPATOLOGY 2023
Targeting KRAS-mutant stomach/colorectal tumors by disrupting the ERK2-p53 complex Wang, X; Xie, Q; Ji, Y; Yang, JX; Shen, JY; Peng, FF; Zhang, YF; Jiang, F; Kong, XY; Ma, WZ; Liu, DD; Zheng, LZ; Qing, C; Lang, JY Article CELL REPORTS 2023
Targeting WWP1 ameliorates cardiac ischemic injury by suppressing KLF15-ubiquitination mediated myocardial inflammation Lu, X; Yang, BS; Qi, RQ; Xie, QF; Li, TX; Yang, J; Tong, TT; Niu, KF; Li, MY; Pan, WJ; Zhang, YX; Shi, DM; Li, SJ; Dai, CL; Shen, CX; Wang, XQ; Wang, Y; Song, J Article THERANOSTICS 2023
Temporal genomic heterogeneity guiding individualized therapy in recurrent non-small cell lung cancer Fang, QY; Wan, XY; D'Aiello, A; Sun, H; Gu, WQ; Li, YX; Zhou, CC; Xie, BX; Deng, QF; Cheng, HY; Zhou, SW Article FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2023
The ASH1-PEX16 regulatory pathway controls peroxisome biogenesis for appressorium-mediated insect infection by a fungal pathogen Wang, LL; Lai, YL; Chen, JJ; Cao, X; Zheng, WL; Dong, L; Zheng, YT; Li, F; Wei, G; Wang, SB Article PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2023
The E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM17 promotes gastric cancer survival and progression via controlling BAX stability and antagonizing apoptosis Shen, JJ; Yang, H; Qiao, XR; Chen, Y; Zheng, LY; Lin, JY; Lang, JY; Yu, Q; Wang, Z Article; Early Access CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2023
The Effects of Lactobacillus johnsonii on Diseases and Its Potential Applications Zhang, ZY; Zhao, LL; Wu, JC; Pan, YM; Zhao, GP; Li, ZY; Zhang, L Review MICROORGANISMS 2023
The epigenetic modifier lysine methyltransferase 2C is frequently mutated in gastric remnant carcinoma Sun, B; Chen, HJ; Lao, JW; Tan, C; Zhang, Y; Shao, Z; Xu, DZ Article JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY CLINICAL RESEARCH 2023
The G protein coupled formyl-peptide receptor 2 (FPR2) promotes endothelial-mesenchymal transition in diabetic retinopathy Lou, XY; Liu, S; Shi, J; Chen, HL; Wang, ZC; Le, YY; Chen, H; Zhu, RR; Yu, Y Article; Early Access OPHTHALMIC RESEARCH 2023
The Interaction between Intratumoral Microbiome and Immunity Is Related to the Prognosis of Ovarian Cancer Sheng, DS; Yue, KL; Li, HF; Zhao, LL; Zhao, GP; Jin, CD; Zhang, L Article MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM 2023
The role of aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 in cardiovascular disease Zhang, J; Guo, YY; Zhao, XK; Pang, JJ; Pan, C; Wang, JL; Wei, SJ; Yu, X; Zhang, C; Chen, YG; Yin, HY; Xu, F Review NATURE REVIEWS CARDIOLOGY 2023
The Role of RNA m(6)A Modification in Cancer Glycolytic Reprogramming Li, YQ; Huang, H; Wu, SX; Zhou, Y; Huang, T; Jiang, JT Review CURRENT GENE THERAPY 2023
Therapeutic delivery of microRNA-125a-5p oligonucleotides improves recovery from myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in mice and swine Gao, L; Qiu, F; Cao, H; Li, H; Dai, GH; Ma, T; Gong, YS; Luo, W; Zhu, DL; Qiu, ZX; Zhu, P; Chu, SG; Yang, HT; Liu, ZM Article THERANOSTICS 2023
Therapeutic potential and protective role of GRK6 overexpression in pulmonary arterial hypertension Liu, CC; Wan, NF; Wei, LJ; Rong, WW; Zhu, WT; Xie, MF; Zhang, YL; Liu, ZH; Jing, Q; Lyu, A Article VASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY 2023
Towards environmentally sustainable management: A review on the generation, degradation, and recycling of polypropylene face mask waste Lyu, LX; Bagchi, M; Markoglou, N; An, CJ; Peng, H; Bi, HF; Yang, XH; Sun, HJ Review JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 2024
Towards interpretable imaging genomics analysis: Methodological developments and applications Cen, XP; Dong, W; Lv, W; Zhao, Y; Dubee, F; Mentis, AFA; Jovic, D; Yang, HM; Li, YX Article INFORMATION FUSION 2024
Transcriptomic profiling of nuclei from paraformaldehyde-fixed and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded brain tissues Guo, YX; Ma, JJ; Li, ZY; Dang, KT; Ge, QY; Huang, Y; Wang, GZ; Zhao, XW Article ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA 2023
Triggering endogenous Z-RNA sensing for anti-tumor therapy through ZBP1-dependent necroptosis. Yang, Tao; Wang, Guodong; Zhang, Mingxiang; Hu, Xiaohu; Li, Qi; Yun, Fenglin; Xing, Yingying; Song, Xinyang; Zhang, Haibing; Hu, Guohong; Qian, Youcun Journal Article Cell reports 2023
Tumor-Specific CircRNA-Derived Antigen Peptide Identification for Hepatobiliary Tumors Wang, WW; Ma, LL; Xing, Z; Yuan, TG; Bao, JX; Zhu, YJ; Zhao, XF; Zhao, Y; Zong, YL; Zhang, YN; Shen, SY; Qiu, XY; Yang, S; Wang, HY; Gao, D; Wang, P; Chen, L Article ENGINEERING 2023
UHRF1/DNMT1-MZF1 axis-modulated intragenic site-specific CpGI methylation confers divergent expression and opposing functions of PRSS3 isoforms in lung cancer Lin, SY; Xu, HL; Qin, L; Pang, MD; Wang, ZY; Gu, M; Zhang, LS; Zhao, C; Hao, XF; Zhang, ZY; Ding, WM; Ren, JK; Huang, JQ Article ACTA PHARMACEUTICA SINICA B 2023
Untargeted Metabolomics Reveals Alterations of Rhythmic Pulmonary Metabolism in IPF Sun, W; Ren, JQ; Jia, ZX; Liang, PY; Li, SX; Song, MY; Cao, YH; Chen, HR; Luo, Q; Yang, LF; Wang, J; Wang, C; Wang, L Article METABOLITES 2023
Using Machine Learning Methods in Identifying Genes Associated with COVID-19 in Cardiomyocytes and Cardiac Vascular Endothelial Cells Xu, YC; Ma, QL; Ren, JX; Chen, L; Guo, W; Feng, KY; Zeng, ZB; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article LIFE-BASEL 2023
Using Machine Learning Methods to Study Colorectal Cancer Tumor Micro-Environment and Its Biomarkers Wei, W; Li, YX; Huang, T Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2023
Vemurafenib inhibits necroptosis in normal and pathological conditions as a RIPK1 antagonist Sun, MY; Ma, XQ; Mu, W; Li, HA; Zhao, XM; Zhu, TF; Li, JQ; Yang, YL; Zhang, HB; Ba, Q; Wang, H Article CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2023
XBP1s acts as a transcription factor of IRE1? and promotes proliferation of colon cancer cells Liu, ST; Gao, Q; Li, YY; Lun, J; Yu, MC; Zhang, HW; Fang, J Article ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2023
YKL-40 derived from infiltrating macrophages cooperates with GDF15 to establish an immune suppressive microenvironment in gallbladder cancer Wang, ZY; Wang, SJ; Jia, ZH; Hu, YP; Cao, DY; Yang, MJ; Liu, LG; Gao, L; Qiu, SM; Yan, WK; Li, YM; Luo, J; Geng, YJ; Zhang, JY; Li, ZZ; Wang, X; Li, ML; Shao, R; Liu, YB Article CANCER LETTERS 2023
ZFP750 affects the cutaneous barrier through regulating lipid metabolism Butera, A; Agostini, M; Cassandri, M; De Nicola, F; Fanciulli, M; D'Ambrosio, L; Falasca, L; Nardacci, R; Wang, L; Piacentini, M; Knight, RA; Jia, W; Sun, Q; Shi, YF; Wang, Y; Candi, E; Melino, G Article SCIENCE ADVANCES 2023
A novel long noncoding RNA SP100-AS1 induces radioresistance of colorectal cancer via sponging miR-622 and stabilizing ATG3 Zhou, Y; Shao, YJ; Hu, WW; Zhang, JP; Shi, YF; Kong, XY; Jiang, JT Article CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2023
A systematic assessment of deep learning methods for drug response prediction: from in vitro to clinical applications Shen, BH; Feng, FYM; Li, KS; Lin, P; Ma, LX; Li, H Review; Early Access BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS 2023
ARID2 mitigates hepatic steatosis via promoting the ubiquitination of JAK2 Cao, HJ; Jiang, H; Ding, K; Qiu, XS; Ma, N; Zhang, FK; Wang, YK; Zheng, QW; Xia, J; Ni, QZ; Xu, S; Zhu, B; Ding, XF; Chen, TW; Qiu, L; Chen, W; Li, ZG; Zhou, B; Feng, WM; Xie, D; Li, JJ Article CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2023
Association of the number of natural teeth with dietary diversity and nutritional status in older adults: A cross-sectional study in China Shen, J; Qian, SJ; Huang, LY; Tao, Y; Chen, H; Deng, K; Yang, F; Zong, G; Zheng, Y; Wang, XF; Tonetti, M; Yuan, CZ Article JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PERIODONTOLOGY 2023
Genetic profiling of hormone-sensitive and castration-resistant prostate cancers and identification of genetic mutations prone to castration-resistant prostate cancer Wang, Z; Yan, XZ; Tang, P; Tang, T; Wang, YP; Peng, S; Wang, S; Lan, WH; Wang, LF; Zhang, Y; Zhang, J; Li, K; Shu, ZH; Xu, J; Qin, J; Zhang, DZ; Jiang, J; Liu, QL Article PROSTATE CANCER AND PROSTATIC DISEASES MAR 2023
Improved NGS variant calling tool for the PRSS1-PRSS2 locus Lou, HY; Xie, B; Wang, YM; Gao, Y; Xu, SH Letter GUT 2023