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A genetic portrait of metastatic seeds in lung adenocarcinoma Wu, QY; Hu, GH Editorial Material CANCER CELL 2023
A highly specific CRISPR-Cas12j nuclease enables allele- specific genome editing Wang, Y; Qi, T; Liu, JT; Yang, Y; Wang, ZW; Wang, Y; Wang, TY; Li, MM; Li, MQ; Lu, DR; Chang, ACY; Yang, L; Gao, S; Wang, YM; Lan, F Article SCIENCE ADVANCES 2023
A modified FGL sparse canonical correlation analysis for the identification of Alzheimer's disease biomarkers Wang, SQ; Chen, HQ; Kong, W; Wu, XQ; Qian, YF; Wei, K Article ELECTRONIC RESEARCH ARCHIVE 2023
A Noncoding A-to-U Kozak Site Change Related to the High Transmissibility of Alpha, Delta, and Omicron VOCs Yang, JN; Cui, YM; Yu, DL; Zhang, GQ; Cao, RF; Gu, ZL; Dai, GY; Wu, XX; Ling, YC; Yi, CY; Sun, XY; Sun, B; Lin, X; Zhang, Y; Zhao, GP; Li, YX; Pan, YH; Li, HP Article MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2023
A Novel Longitudinal Phenotype-Genotype Association Study Based on Deep Feature Extraction and Hypergraph Models for Alzheimer's Disease Kong, W; Xu, YF; Wang, SQ; Wei, K; Wen, G; Yu, YL; Zhu, YM Article BIOMOLECULES 2023
A systematic analysis of the global and regional burden of colon and rectum cancer and the difference between early- and late-onset CRC from 1990 to 2019 Li, LB; Wang, LY; Chen, DM; Liu, YX; Zhang, YH; Song, WX; Shen, XB; Fang, SQ; Ma, ZY Article FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY 2023
A systematic survey of LU domain-containing proteins reveals a novel human gene, LY6A, which encodes the candidate ortholog of mouse Ly-6A/Sca-1 and is aberrantly expressed in pituitary tumors Liu, D; Xu, CH; Liu, YT; Ouyang, W; Lin, SJ; Xu, AN; Zhang, YL; Xie, YY; Huang, QH; Zhao, WL; Chen, Z; Wang, L; Chen, SJ; Huang, JY; Wu, ZB; Sun, XJ Article FRONTIERS OF MEDICINE 2023
AAV induces hepatic necroptosis and carcinoma in diabetic and obese mice dependent on Pebp1 pathway Cheng, YL; Zhang, ZT; Gao, PD; Lai, HJ; Zhong, WL; Feng, N; Yang, YL; Yu, HM; Zhang, YL; Han, YM; Dong, JY; He, ZS; Huang, R; Zhai, QW Article EMBO MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2023
Aberrant elevation of FTO levels promotes liver steatosis by decreasing the m(6)A methylation and increasing the stability of SREBF1 and ChREBP mRNAs Tang, ZL; Sun, C; Yan, Y; Niu, ZM; Li, YY; Xu, X; Zhang, J; Wu, YT; Li, Y; Wang, L; Hu, C; Li, ZY; Jiang, JJ; Ying, H Article JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2023
Accumulation of branched-chain amino acids reprograms glucose metabolism in CD8+T cells with enhanced effector function and anti-tumor response Yao, CC; Sun, RM; Yang, Y; Zhou, HY; Meng, ZW; Chi, R; Xia, LL; Ji, P; Chen, YY; Zhang, GQ; Sun, HP; Lu, S; Yang, C; Wang, Y Article CELL REPORTS 2023
Acetylated xylo-oligosaccharide from Hawthorn kernels inhibits colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivo Xu, YC; Zhu, CH; Lu, YT; Yang, SQ; Fang, J; Jiang, ZQ Article JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS 2023
Activation of the integrated stress response rewires cardiac metabolism in Barth syndrome Dudek, J; Kutschka, I; Bertero, E; Wasmus, C; Xiao, K; Yang, L; Chen, X; Oshima, Y; Fischer, M; Schmitz, W; Rehling, P; Thum, T; Higuchi, T; Rabinowitz, J; Maack, C Meeting Abstract EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2023
Activity of Anlotinib in the Second-Line Therapy of Metastatic Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: A Prospective, Multicenter, In Vitro Study Zhou, YJ; Zeng, CL; Sun, XF; Zhang, J; Qu, HY; Zhang, XH; Zhou, Y; Liu, ZM; Wu, XJ; Wu, X; Jiao, XL; Shen, L; Zhou, YB; Wang, YX; Li, J Article; Early Access ONCOLOGIST 2023
Acute liver steatosis translationally controls the epigenetic regulator MIER1 to promote liver regeneration in a study with male mice Chen, YH; Chen, LL; Wu, XS; Zhao, YX; Wang, YC; Jiang, DC; Liu, XJ; Zhou, TT; Li, S; Wei, YD; Liu, Y; Hu, C; Zhou, B; Qin, J; Ying, H; Ding, QR Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Adherence to a healthy lifestyle and brain structural imaging markers Pan, YS; Shen, J; Cai, XL; Chen, H; Zong, G; Zhu, WL; Jing, J; Liu, T; Jin, AM; Wang, YL; Meng, X; Yuan, CZ; Wang, YJ Article EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 2023
Adipocyte Thyroid Hormone beta Receptor-Mediated Hormone Action Fine-tunes Intracellular Glucose and Lipid Metabolism and Systemic Homeostasis Ma, YR; Shen, SY; Yan, Y; Zhang, SJ; Liu, SN; Tang, ZL; Yu, J; Ma, M; Niu, ZM; Li, ZY; Wu, YT; Zhao, L; Lu, ZQ; Wei, CC; Zhang, WJ; Xue, Y; Zhai, QW; Li, Y; Hu, C; Jiang, JJ; Li, YY; Ying, H Article DIABETES 2023
Adipose tissue aging is regulated by an altered immune system Zhang, YX; Ou, MY; Yang, ZH; Sun, Y; Li, QF; Zhou, SB Review FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2023
Age- and sex-specific modifiable risk factor profiles of dementia: evidence from the UK Biobank Chen, H; Cao, YY; Ma, Y; Xu, WL; Zong, G; Yuan, CZ Article; Early Access EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 2023
Amelioration of Autoimmunity in a Lupus Mouse Model by Modulation of T-Bet-Promoted Energy Metabolism in Pathogenic Age/Autoimmune-Associated B Cells Han, XX; Gu, SS; Hong, SM; Jiang, Y; Zhang, JS; Yao, C; Yin, ZH; Ye, ZZ; Ding, HH; Chen, S; Dai, D; Shen, N Article ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATOLOGY 2023
An IL-6/STAT3/MR/FGF21 axis mediates heart-liver cross-talk after myocardial infarction Sun, JY; Du, LJ; Shi, XR; Zhang, YY; Liu, Y; Wang, YL; Chen, BY; Liu, T; Zhu, H; Liu, Y; Ruan, CC; Gan, ZJ; Ying, H; Yin, ZN; Gao, PJ; Yan, XX; Li, RG; Duan, SZ Article SCIENCE ADVANCES 2023
An insight into the benefits of substituting polypropylene with biodegradable polylactic acid face masks for combating environmental emissions Lyu, L; Peng, H; An, CJ; Sun, HJ; Yang, XH; Bi, HF Article SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2023
An RNA-informed dosage sensitivity map reflects the intrinsic functional nature of genes Dong, DY; Shen, HY; Wang, ZG; Liu, JQ; Li, Z; Li, X Article AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2023
Analogous assembly mechanisms and functional guilds govern prokaryotic communities in mangrove ecosystems of China and South America Du, H; Pan, J; Zhang, CJ; Yang, XL; Wang, C; Lin, XL; Li, JH; Liu, W; Zhou, HK; Yu, XL; Mo, SM; Zhang, GQ; Zhao, GP; Qu, W; Jiang, CJ; Tian, Y; He, ZL; Liu, Y; Li, M Article MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM 2023
Analysis and prediction of protein stability based on interaction network, gene ontology, and KEGG pathway enrichment scores Huang, FM; Fu, MF; Li, JR; Chen, L; Feng, KY; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-PROTEINS AND PROTEOMICS 2023
Angiopoietin-like 4 promotes epidermal stem cell proliferation and migration and contributes to cutaneous wound re-epithelialization Yang, Y; Yu, CH; Le, YY; Gong, WJ; Ju, JH; Zhang, GL; Ji, PX; Zuo, R; Liu, Z; Zhang, P; Hou, RX; Fu, Y Article ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2023
Antiviral foods in the battle against viral infections: Understanding the molecular mechanism Azam, MS; Islam, MN; Wahiduzzaman, M; Alam, M; Dhrubo, AAK Review; Early Access FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION 2023
APOBEC3B coordinates R-loop to promote replication stress and sensitize cancer cells to ATR/Chk1 inhibitors Zong, CY; Zhang, Z; Gao, L; He, J; Wang, YR; Li, Q; Liu, XT; Yang, J; Chen, D; Huang, R; Zheng, GP; Jin, XL; Wei, W; Jia, RB; Shen, JF Article CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2023
Application of orthogonal sparse joint non-negative matrix factorization based on connectivity in Alzheimer?s disease research Kong, W; Xu, FF; Wang, SQ; Wei, K; Wen, G; Yu, YL Article MATHEMATICAL BIOSCIENCES AND ENGINEERING 2023
Aquaporin-8 ameliorates hepatic steatosis through farnesoid X receptor in obese mice Xiang, MQ; Qian, X; Han, LY; Wang, H; Wang, JQ; Liu, WR; Gu, YY; Yao, SS; Yang, J; Zhang, YF; Peng, Y; Zhang, ZG Article ISCIENCE 2023
Association of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Cognitive Function in Adults: A Prospective Cohort Study Chen, X; Li, WL; Huang, YH; Yang, JX; Tao, Y; Huang, LY; Shen, JD; Ma, YN; Liu, ZY; Xu, X; Xu, XL; Zong, G; Yuan, CZ Article JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE 2023
Associations of the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay diet with brain structural markers and their changes Chen, H; Dunk, MM; Wang, BH; Zhao, MJ; Shen, J; Zong, G; Pan, YS; Tong, LS; Xu, WL; Yuan, CZ Article; Early Access ALZHEIMERS & DEMENTIA 2023
Atlas of mRNA translation and decay for bacteria Huch, S; Nersisyan, L; Ropat, M; Barrett, D; Wu, MJ; Wang, J; Valeriano, VD; Vardazaryan, N; Huerta-Cepas, J; Wei, W; Du, J; Steinmetz, LM; Engstrand, L; Pelechano, V Article NATURE MICROBIOLOGY 2023
BACH1 deficiency prevents neointima formation and maintains the differentiated phenotype of vascular smooth muscle cells by regulating chromatin accessibility Guo, JY; Qiu, JJ; Jia, MP; Li, QH; Wei, XX; Li, LL; Pan, Q; Jin, JY; Ge, F; Ma, SY; He, YQ; Lin, JY; Li, YB; Ma, JH; Jiang, N; Zhi, XL; Jiang, LD; Zhang, JY; Osto, E; Jing, Q; Wang, XH; Meng, D Article NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2023
Back to Science in Searching for SARS-CoV-2 Origins Liu, WJ; Lei, WW; He, XZ; Liu, PP; Wang, QH; Wu, ZQ; Tan, Y; Song, SH; Wong, GRY; Lu, J; Jiang, JK; Wei, Q; Li, MK; Ma, JC; Peng, XZ; Li, YX; Huang, BX; Tong, YG; Han, J; Wu, GZ Editorial Material CHINA CDC WEEKLY 2023
Base editing-mediated one-step inactivation of the Dnmt gene family reveals critical roles of DNA methylation during mouse gastrulation Li, Q; Lu, JS; Yin, XD; Chang, YJ; Wang, C; Yan, M; Feng, L; Cheng, YB; Gao, Y; Xu, BY; Zhang, Y; Wang, YY; Cui, GZ; Xu, L; Sun, YD; Zeng, R; Li, YX; Jing, NH; Xu, GL; Wu, LG; Tang, FC; Li, JS Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
B-cell-derived IL-10 promotes allergic sensitization in asthma regulated by Bcl-3 Qian, GJ; Jiang, WX; Sun, DL; Sun, Z; Chen, AN; Fang, HW; Wang, JY; Liu, YZ; Yin, ZA; Wei, HM; Fang, H; Zhang, XR Article; Early Access CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2023
Bidirectional Mediation Effects between Intratumoral Microbiome and Host DNA Methylation Changes Contribute to Stomach Adenocarcinoma Yue, KL; Sheng, DS; Xue, XX; Zhao, LL; Zhao, GP; Jin, CD; Zhang, L Article; Early Access MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM 2023
Biodegradable nanoplatform upregulates tumor microenvironment acidity for enhanced cancer therapy via synergistic induction of apoptosis, ferroptosis, and anti-angiogenesis Zhang, CY; Wang, P; Zhang, YN; Lu, PP; Huang, XD; Wang, YF; Ran, L; Xin, H; Xu, XT; Gao, WJ; Sun, Y; Zhang, L; Zhang, GL Article JOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY 2023
Bioprinted dermis with human adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments promotes wound healing Zhang, ZQ; Xu, C; Xu, L; Wan, JM; Cao, GB; Liu, Z; Ji, PX; Jin, QH; Fu, Y; Le, YY; Ju, JH; Hou, RX; Zhang, GL Article; Early Access BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING 2023
Brain-wide and cell-specific transcriptomic insights into MRI-derived cortical morphology in macaque monkeys Bo, TT; Li, J; Hu, GL; Zhang, G; Wang, W; Lv, Q; Zhao, SL; Ma, JJ; Qin, M; Yao, XH; Wang, MY; Wang, GZ; Wang, Z Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Cardiomyocyte proliferation and reprogramming for cardiac regeneration Qian, L; Zhou, B; Yang, HT Editorial Material JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY 2023
Cardioprotection by Peroxidase Activity of Prostaglandin H Synthases in Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury Liu, GZ; Liu, Q; Wan, NF; Shen, X; Cui, H; Dong, C; Zhang, X; Yin, HY; Wang, J; Funk, CD; Yu, Y Letter CIRCULATION 2023
CCIBP: a comprehensive cosmetic ingredients bioinformatics platform Gong, LL; Zhang, R; Han, MY; Hu, QN Article BIOINFORMATICS 2023
Celastrol suppresses colorectal cancer via covalent targeting peroxiredoxin 1 Xu, H; Zhao, HF; Ding, CY; Jiang, DF; Zhao, ZJ; Li, Y; Ding, XY; Gao, J; Zhou, H; Luo, C; Chen, GQ; Zhang, A; Xu, Y; Zhang, H Article SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND TARGETED THERAPY 2023
Cell-attribute aware community detection improves differential abundance testing from single-cell RNA-Seq data Maity, AK; Teschendorff, AE Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Characterization of chromatin accessibility patterns in different mouse cell types using machine learning methods at single-cell resolution Xu, YC; Huang, FM; Guo, W; Feng, KY; Zhu, L; Zeng, ZB; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2023
Characterization of heavy-chain antibody gene repertoires in Bactrian camels Liu, YX; Yi, L; Li, YX; Wang, Z; Jirimutu Article JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2023
Characterization of the Positive Transcription Regulator PfaR for Improving Eicosapentaenoic Acid Production in Shewanella putrefaciens W3-18-1 Wei, HH; He, PH; Yu, DZ; Liu, SY; Li, CT; Qiu, DR Article; Early Access APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY 2023
Charting a high-resolution roadmap for regeneration of pancreatic beta cells by in vivo transdifferentiation from adult acinar cells Liu, G; Li, YN; Li, MS; Li, S; He, Q; Liu, SX; Su, Q; Chen, XY; Xu, ML; Zhang, ZN; Shao, Z; Li, WD Article SCIENCE ADVANCES 2023
Clinical application of facial aging clocks Wang, YY; Mao, KH; Zhai, HT; Han, JDJ Editorial Material LANCET REGIONAL HEALTH-WESTERN PACIFIC 2023