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LC-MS/MS Analysis of Fumonisin B1, B2, B3, and Their Hydrolyzed Metabolites in Broiler Chicken Feed and Excreta Zhang, S; Zhou, S; Yu, S; Zhao, YF; Wu, YN; Wu, AB Article TOXINS 2022
Lin28B-high breast cancer cells promote immune suppression in the lung pre-metastatic niche via exosomes and support cancer progression Qi, MY; Xia, Y; Wu, YJ; Zhang, Z; Wang, XY; Lu, LY; Dai, C; Song, YA; Xu, KY; Ji, WW; Zhan, LX Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022
Lineage-specific positive selection on ACE2 contributes to the genetic susceptibility of COVID-19 Pan, YW; Liu, PH; Wang, F; Wu, P; Cheng, FJ; Jin, X; Xu, SH Article NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2022
Linking genomic and epidemiologic information to advance the study of COVID-19 Wang, YW; Yang, JX; Zhuang, XH; Ling, YC; Cao, RF; Xu, QW; Wang, P; Xu, P; Zhang, GQ Article SCIENTIFIC DATA 2022
Lipid oxidation products as covalent adduction agents characterized by LC-MS in the context of atherosclerosis Yin, H Meeting Abstract TOXICOLOGY LETTERS 2022
Lipidomic Signatures of Dairy Consumption and Associated Changes in Blood Pressure and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Chinese Adults Yun, H; Sun, L; Wu, QQ; Luo, YG; Qi, QB; Li, HX; Gu, WQ; Wang, JQ; Ning, G; Zeng, R; Zong, G; Lin, X Article HYPERTENSION 2022
Lipidomics and Transcriptomics Differ Liposarcoma Differentiation Characteristics That Can Be Altered by Pentose Phosphate Pathway Intervention Song, ZQ; Wang, SK; Lu, LL; Xu, JS; Zhou, QW; Lu, WQ; Tong, HX; Zhang, Y; Liu, WS; Wang, ZM; Li, W; You, Y; Zhang, CL; Guo, X; Luo, RK; Hou, YY; Wang, CM; Wang, YX; Sun, L; Huang, H; Zhou, YH Article METABOLITES 2022
lncRNA HITT inhibits metastasis by attenuating Rab5-mediated endocytosis in lung adenocarcinoma Wang, XW; Zheng, SL; Yang, F; Zhang, WX; Zhao, D; Xue, XT; Lin, QY; He, YF; Hu, GH; Hu, Y Article MOLECULAR THERAPY 2022
Long noncoding RNA Meg3 sponges miR-708 to inhibit intestinal tumorigenesis via SOCS3-repressed cancer stem cells growth Zhang, S; Ji, WW; Wei, W; Zhan, LX; Huang, X Article CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2022
Longitudinal immune profiling reveals dominant epitopes mediating long-term humoral immunity in COVID-19-convalescent individuals Li, M; Liu, JJ; Lu, RF; Zhang, YC; Du, M; Xing, M; Wu, ZC; Kong, XY; Zhu, YF; Zhou, XC; Hu, LD; Zhang, CY; Zhou, DM; Jin, X Article JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Long-term diet quality and its change in relation to late-life subjective cognitive decline Yuan, CZ; Cao, YY; Ascherio, A; Okereke, OI; Zong, G; Grodstein, F; Hofman, A; Willett, WC Article AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION 2022
m6A-modified lincRNA Dubr is required for neuronal development by stabilizing YTHDF1/3 and facilitating mRNA translation Huang, JS; Jiang, BW; Li, GW; Zheng, DD; Li, MY; Xie, X; Pan, YX; Wei, MY; Liu, XY; Jiang, XY; Zhang, X; Yang, L; Bao, L; Wang, B Article CELL REPORTS 2022
Making sense of the ageing methylome Seale, K; Horvath, S; Teschendorff, A; Eynon, N; Voisin, S Review NATURE REVIEWS GENETICS 2022
Mesenchymal stromal cells equipped by IFN alpha empower T cells with potent anti-tumor immunity Zhang, T; Wang, Y; Li, Q; Lin, LY; Xu, CL; Xue, YQ; Hu, MY; Shi, YF; Wang, Y Article ONCOGENE 2022
Metastasis Lyden, D; Ghajar, CM; Correia, AL; Aguirre-Ghiso, JA; Cai, S; Rescigno, M; Hu, GH; Zhang, PY; Fendt, SM; Boire, A; Katipally, RR; Weichselbaum, RR Editorial Material CANCER CELL 2022
MicroRNA regulates the toxicological mechanism of four mycotoxins in vivo and in vitro Chen, J; Yang, SH; Li, P; Wu, AB; Nepovimova, E; Long, M; Wu, WD; Kuca, K Review JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2022
Mining of novel secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters from acid mine drainage Wang, L; Liu, W; Liang, JL; Zhao, LN; Li, Q; Zhou, CF; Cen, H; Weng, QB; Zhang, GQ Article SCIENTIFIC DATA 2022
miR-100-5p Promotes Epidermal Stem Cell Proliferation through Targeting MTMR3 to Activate PIP3/AKT and ERK Signaling Pathways Liu, Z; Yang, Y; Ju, JH; Zhang, GL; Zhang, P; Ji, PX; Jin, QH; Cao, GB; Zuo, R; Wang, HY; Yu, CH; Zhang, ZQ; Le, YY; Fu, Y; Hou, RX Article STEM CELLS INTERNATIONAL 2022
miR-182 targeting reprograms tumor-associated macrophages and limits breast cancer progression Ma, CX; He, DS; Tian, P; Wang, Y; He, YF; Wu, QY; Jia, ZC; Zhang, X; Zhang, PY; Ying, H; Jin, ZB; Hu, GH Article PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2022
MLL5 is involved in retinal photoreceptor maturation through facilitating CRX-mediated photoreceptor gene transactivation Zhang, XM; Zhang, BW; Xiang, L; Wu, H; Alexander, SAS; Zhou, PP; Dai, MZY; Wang, XY; Xiong, WJ; Zhang, Y; Jin, ZB; Deng, LW Article ISCIENCE 2022
MRG15 aggravates non-alcoholic steatohepatitis progression by regulating the mitochondrial proteolytic degradation of TUFM Tian, C; Min, XW; Zhao, YX; Wang, YC; Wu, XS; Liu, ST; Dou, W; Zhou, TT; Liu, Y; Luo, RK; Li, ZG; Lui, KO; Li, Y; Zhou, B; Ding, QR Article JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY 2022
MultiWaverX: modeling latent sex-biased admixture history Zhang, R; Ni, XM; Yuan, K; Pan, YW; Xu, SH Article BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS 2022
Mycotoxin deoxynivalenol affects myoblast differentiation via downregulating cytoskeleton and ECM-integrin-FAK-RAC-PAK signaling pathway (vol 226, 112850, 2021) Jia, BX; Yu, S; Yu, DZ; Liu, N; Zhang, S; Wu, AB Correction ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY 2022
Mycotoxins in Tea ((Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze)): Contamination and Dietary Exposure Profiling in the Chinese Population Zhou, HY; Yan, Z; Wu, AB; Liu, N Article TOXINS 2022
Mycotoxins in Wheat Flours Marketed in Shanghai, China: Occurrence and Dietary Risk Assessment Zhou, HY; Xu, AQ; Liu, MC; Yan, Z; Qin, LX; Liu, H; Wu, AB; Liu, N Article TOXINS 2022
N-acetyltransferase 10 promotes colon cancer progression by inhibiting ferroptosis through N4-acetylation and stabilization of ferroptosis suppressor protein 1 (FSP1) mRNA Zheng, X; Wang, Q; Zhou, Y; Zhang, DC; Geng, YT; Hu, WW; Wu, CP; Shi, YF; Jiang, JT Article; Early Access CANCER COMMUNICATIONS 2022
NAFLD-related gene polymorphisms and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in an Asian population: the Shanghai Changfeng Study Xia, MF; Ma, S; Huang, QX; Zeng, HL; Ge, JY; Xu, WJ; Wu, Q; Wu, L; Li, XM; Ma, H; Chen, LY; Li, Q; Aleteng, Q; Hu, Y; He, WY; Pan, BS; Lin, HD; Zheng, Y; Wang, SJ; Tang, HR; Gao, X Article ALIMENTARY PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS 2022
Neurofibroma Development in Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Insights from Cellular Origin and Schwann Cell Lineage Development Ge, LL; Xing, MY; Zhang, HB; Wang, ZC Review CANCERS 2022
Neuropilin-1 mediates lung tissue-specific control of ILC2 function in type 2 immunity Zhang, JJ; Qiu, JX; Zhou, WY; Cao, JP; Hu, XF; Mi, WL; Su, B; He, B; Qiu, J; Shen, L Article NATURE IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Novel epigenetic network biomarkers for early detection of esophageal cancer Maity, AK; Stone, TC; Ward, V; Webster, AP; Yang, Z; Hogan, A; McBain, H; Duku, M; Ho, KMA; Wolfson, P; Graham, DG; Beck, S; Teschendorff, AE; Lovat, LB Article CLINICAL EPIGENETICS 2022
Novel SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic targets: RNA proofreading complex and virus-induced senescence Lin, LY; Wang, Y; Li, Q; Hu, MY; Shi, YF Editorial Material CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2022
Nrf2 transcriptional upregulation of IDH2 to tune mitochondrial dynamics and rescue angiogenic function of diabetic EPCs Dai, XZ; Wang, K; Fan, JW; Liu, HJ; Fan, X; Lin, Q; Chen, YH; Chen, H; Li, Y; Liu, HR; Chen, O; Chen, J; Li, XH; Ren, D; Li, J; Conklin, DJ; Wintergerst, KA; Li, Y; Cai, L; Deng, ZB; Yan, XQ; Tan, Y Article REDOX BIOLOGY 2022
Occludin is a target of Src kinase and promotes lipid secretion by binding to BTN1a1 and XOR Lu, YZ; Zhou, T; Xu, CS; Wang, R; Feng, DY; Li, JY; Wang, X; Kong, Y; Hu, GH; Kong, XY; Lu, PF Article PLOS BIOLOGY 2022
p63 in corneal and epidermal differentiation Novelli, F; Ganini, C; Melino, G; Nucci, C; Han, YY; Shi, YF; Wang, Y; Candi, E Review BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2022
Pervasive translation of circular RNAs driven by short IRES-like elements Fan, XJ; Yang, Y; Chen, CY; Wang, ZF Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022
PHD3 inhibits cell proliferation through hydroxylation of PAX2 at proline 9 Lun, J; Wang, YX; Gao, Q; Wang, Y; Zhang, HW; Fang, J Article ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2022
PHDMF: A Flexible and Scalable Personal Health Data Management Framework Based on Blockchain Technology Ma, LX; Liao, YX; Fan, HW; Zheng, XF; Zhao, JT; Xiao, ZY; Zheng, GY; Xiong, Y Article FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2022
Phosphorylation of CENP-R by Aurora B regulates kinetochore-microtubule attachment for accurate chromosome segregation Sedzro, DM; Yuan, X; Mullen, M; Ejaz, U; Yang, TT; Liu, X; Song, XY; Tang, YC; Pan, WJ; Zou, P; Gao, XJ; Wang, DM; Wang, ZK; Dou, Z; Liu, X; Yao, XB Article JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2022
Pivotal interplays between fecal metabolome and gut microbiome reveal functional signatures in cerebral ischemic stroke Zhao, LL; Wang, C; Peng, SX; Zhu, XS; Zhang, ZY; Zhao, YY; Zhang, JL; Zhao, GP; Zhang, T; Heng, XY; Zhang, L Article JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2022
Plasma branched-chain and aromatic amino acids correlate with the gut microbiota and severity of Parkinson's disease Zhang, Y; He, XQ; Qian, YW; Xu, SQ; Mo, CJ; Yan, Z; Yang, XD; Xiao, Q Article NPJ PARKINSONS DISEASE 2022
Plasma folate levels in relation to cognitive impairment: a community-based cohort of older adults in China Chen, X; Yang, JX; Zhang, H; Huang, YH; Cao, YY; Yan, SY; Zong, G; Zheng, Y; Wang, XF; Yuan, CZ Article EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUTRITION 2022
Plasma Metabolomics Reveals Systemic Metabolic Alterations of Subclinical and Clinical Hypothyroidism Shao, FF; Li, R; Guo, Q; Qin, R; Su, WX; Yin, HY; Tian, LM Article; Early Access JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM 2022
Polyphenols in Highland Barley Tea Inhibit the Production of Advanced Glycosylation End-Products and Alleviate the Skeletal Muscle Damage Nie, CZP; Li, TT; Fan, MC; Wang, Y; Sun, YJ; He, RK; Zhang, XG; Qian, HF; Ying, H; Wang, L; Li, Y Article MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH 2022
PPDPF promotes lung adenocarcinoma progression via inhibiting apoptosis and NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity through STAT3 Zheng, QW; Ni, QZ; Zhu, B; Liang, X; Ma, N; Wang, YK; Xu, S; Cao, HJ; Xia, J; Zhang, FK; Zhang, EB; Qiu, XS; Ding, XF; Qiu, L; Zhang, XL; Dong, ZH; Li, ZG; Zhang, XL; Xie, D; Li, JJ Article ONCOGENE 2022
Predicting Heart Cell Types by Using Transcriptome Profiles and a Machine Learning Method Ding, SJ; Wang, DL; Zhou, XC; Chen, L; Feng, KY; Xu, XL; Huang, T; Li, ZD; Cai, YD Article LIFE-BASEL 2022
Predicting RNA 5-Methylcytosine Sites by Using Essential Sequence Features and Distributions Chen, L; Li, ZD; Zhang, SQ; Zhang, YH; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2022
Pre-existing chromatin accessibility of switchable repressive compartment delineates cell plasticity Ma, XL; Cao, X; Zhu, LY; Li, Y; Wang, XL; Wu, BH; Wei, G; Hui, LJ Article NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2022
Programmable RNA base editing with a single gRNA-free enzyme Han, WJ; Huang, WD; Wei, T; Ye, YW; Mao, MW; Wang, ZF Article NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2022
Protein-protein interaction networks as miners of biological discovery Wang, S; Wu, RX; Lu, JQ; Jiang, YJ; Huang, T; Cai, YD Review PROTEOMICS 2022
Proteome-centric cross-omics characterization and integrated network analyses of triple-negative breast cancer Gong, TQ; Jiang, YZ; Shao, C; Peng, WT; Liu, MW; Li, DQ; Zhang, BY; Du, P; Huang, Y; Li, FF; Li, MY; Han, ZL; Jin, X; Ma, D; Xiao, Y; Yang, PY; Qin, J; Shao, ZM; Zhu, WM Article CELL REPORTS 2022