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Proteotranscriptomics of ocular adnexal B-cell lymphoma reveals an oncogenic role of alternative splicing and identifies a diagnostic marker Shi, JH; Zhu, TY; Lin, HM; Liu, Z; Zhou, M; Yu, ZY; Zhou, XW; Song, X; Wang, YF; Jia, RB; Fan, XQ; Zhou, YX Article JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2022
PUMILIO proteins promote colorectal cancer growth via suppressing p21 Gong, YY; Liu, ZK; Yuan, YH; Yang, ZZ; Zhang, JW; Lu, Q; Wang, W; Fang, C; Lin, HF; Liu, SH Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2022
Quantitative Data Integration Analysis Method for Cross-Studies: Obstructive Sleep Apnea as an Example Zhou, R; Zhou, SR; Xia, QG; Zhang, TJ; Zhang, GQ Article COMPUTATIONAL AND MATHEMATICAL METHODS IN MEDICINE 2022
Reciprocal regulation of mesenchymal stem cells and immune responses Wang, Y; Fang, JK; Liu, BM; Shao, CS; Shi, YF Review CELL STEM CELL 2022
Reciprocal regulation of mesenchymal stem cells and immune responses. Wang, Ying; Fang, Jiankai; Liu, Benming; Shao, Changshun; Shi, Yufang Cell stem cell 2022
Recognition of Immune Cell Markers of COVID-19 Severity with Machine Learning Methods Chen, L; Mei, Z; Guo, W; Ding, SJ; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2022
Regulation of intestinal immunity by dietary fatty acids Qiu, JX; Ma, YH; Qiu, J Review MUCOSAL IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Regulation of vascular branch formation in 3D bioprinted tissues using confining force Zhang, GL; Cao, GB; Gu, C; Fu, Y; Jin, GZ; Tang, LF; Wang, H; Li, JY; Le, YY; Cao, SJ; Han, FX; Ju, JH; Li, B; Hou, RX Article APPLIED MATERIALS TODAY 2022
Reorganization of 3D chromatin architecture in doxorubicin-resistant breast cancer cells Wang, XL; Yan, JZ; Ye, Z; Zhang, ZQ; Wang, S; Hao, S; Shen, BY; Wei, G Article FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2022
Revealing modifier variations characterizations for elucidating the genetic basis of human phenotypic variations (vol 141, pg 1223, 2021) Sun, H; Lan, XP; Ma, LX; Zhou, JM Correction HUMAN GENETICS 2022
RNA circles with minimized immunogenicity as potent PKR inhibitors Liu, CX; Guo, SK; Nan, F; Xu, YF; Yang, L; Chen, LL Article MOLECULAR CELL 2022
RNAlight: a machine learning model to identify nucleotide features determining RNA subcellular localization Yuan, GH; Wang, Y; Wang, GZ; Yang, L Article; Early Access BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS 2022
Role of nerves in neurofibromatosis type 1-related nervous system tumors Ge, LL; Xing, MY; Zhang, HB; Li, QF; Wang, ZC Review CELLULAR ONCOLOGY 2022
Screening gene signatures for clinical response subtypes of lung transplantation Zhang, YH; Li, ZD; Zeng, T; Chen, L; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article MOLECULAR GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2022
Serum and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase 1 regulates transforming growth factor beta 1-connective tissue growth factor pathway in chronic rhinosinusitis Lai, YT; Zhang, PY; Wang, HA; Hu, L; Song, XL; Zhang, J; Jiang, WX; Han, MM; Liu, QA; Hu, GH; Sun, XC; Li, HB; Wang, DH Article CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2022
Setd2 determines distinct properties of intestinal ILC3 subsets to regulate intestinal immunity Chang, JL; Ji, XJ; Deng, T; Qiu, JX; Ding, ZY; Li, Z; Ma, YH; Hu, XY; Li, L; Qiu, J Article CELL REPORTS 2022
Setd2 supports GATA3+ST2+ thymic-derived Treg cells and suppresses intestinal inflammation Zhaoyun Ding # 1, Ting Cai # 1 2, Jupei Tang 1, Hanxiao Sun 3, Xinyi Qi 4, Yunpeng Zhang 5, Yan Ji 1, Liyun Yuan 6, Huidan Chang 6, Yanhui Ma 7, Hong Zhou 8, Li Li 9 10, Huiming Sheng 11, Ju Qiu 12 Article Nat Commun 2022
Sex-Specific Associations of Dietary Iron Intake with Brain Iron Deposition on Imaging and Incident Dementia: A Prospective Cohort Study Pan, W; Chen, H; Ni, C; Zong, G; Yuan, C; Yang, M Article JOURNAL OF NUTRITION HEALTH & AGING 2022
Shift Work, Genetic Factors, and the Risk of Heart Failure: A Prospective Study of the UK Biobank Xu, C; Weng, ZK; Liang, JJ; Liu, Q; Zhang, X; Xu, J; Li, QG; Zhou, Y; Gu, AH Article MAYO CLINIC PROCEEDINGS 2022
Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Reveals Heterogeneity of Myf5-Derived Cells and Altered Myogenic Fate in the Absence of SRSF2 Guo, RC; You, X; Meng, K; Sha, RL; Wang, ZZ; Yuan, NY; Peng, Q; Li, ZG; Xie, ZQ; Chen, RJ; Feng, Y Article ADVANCED SCIENCE 2022
Single-cell sequencing unveils key contributions of immune cell populations in cancer-associated adipose wasting Han, J; Wang, YC; Qiu, Y; Sun, DY; Liu, Y; Li, ZG; Zhou, B; Zhang, HB; Xiao, YC; Wu, GH; Ding, QR Article CELL DISCOVERY 2022
Single-Cell Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Embryonic Endothelial Heterogeneity at Spatiotemporal Level and Multifunctions of MicroRNA-126 in Mice Guo, FH; Guan, YN; Guo, JJ; Zhang, LJ; Qiu, JJ; Ji, Y; Chen, AF; Jing, Q Article ARTERIOSCLEROSIS THROMBOSIS AND VASCULAR BIOLOGY 2022
Single-cell transcriptomic landscapes of the otic neuronal lineage at multiple early embryonic ages Sun, YW; Wang, LY; Zhu, T; Wu, BL; Wang, GQ; Luo, ZN; Li, C; Wei, W; Liu, ZY Article CELL REPORTS 2022
Single-cell transcriptomics reveals lineage trajectory of human scalp hair follicle and informs mechanisms of hair graying Wu, SJ; Yu, Y; Liu, CY; Zhang, X; Zhu, PY; Peng, Y; Yan, XY; Li, Y; Hua, P; Li, QF; Wang, SJ; Zhang, L Article CELL DISCOVERY 2022
Single-Cell Transcriptomics Uncover Key Regulators of Skin Regeneration in Human Long-Term Mechanical Stretch-Mediated Expansion Therapy Sun, YD; Xu, LW; Li, Y; Lin, J; Li, HZ; Gao, YS; Huang, XL; Zhu, HA; Zhang, YF; Wei, KC; Yang, YL; Wu, BJ; Zhang, L; Li, QF; Liu, CY Article FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2022
Skin multi-omics data analysis reveals in the impact of life stress on skin Li, B; Tian, S; Kolbe, L; Zou, Y; Wang, S Meeting Abstract JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2022
Spatial Multiomics Analysis Reveals Only Minor Genetic and Epigenetic Changes in Human Liver Cancer Stem-Like Cells Compared With Other Tumor Parenchymal Cells Liu, D; Li, H; Dong, H; Qu, MC; Yang, LG; Chen, LA; Li, YX; Wang, HY; He, YF Article FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2022
Subcellular Localization Prediction of Human Proteins Using Multifeature Selection Methods Zhang, YH; Ding, SJ; Chen, L; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2022
Sustained Inflammation Induced by LPS Leads to Tolerable Anorexia and Fat Loss via Tlr4 in Mice Yang, YL; Zhong, WL; Zhang, YL; Cheng, YL; Lai, HJ; Yu, HM; Feng, N; Han, YM; Huang, R; Zhai, QW Article JOURNAL OF INFLAMMATION RESEARCH 2022
SynBioStrainFinder: A microbial strain database of manually curated CRISPR/Cas genetic manipulation system information for biomanufacturing Cai, PL; Han, MY; Zhang, R; Ding, SZ; Zhang, DC; Liu, DL; Liu, S; Hu, QN Article MICROBIAL CELL FACTORIES 2022
Systematic molecular analysis of the human secretome and membrane proteome in gastrointestinal adenocarcinomas Rehman, AU; Olsson, PO; Akhtar, A; Padhiar, AA; Liu, HY; Dai, Y; Gong, Y; Zhou, Y; Khan, N; Yang, HJ; Tang, LM Article JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2022
Targeting epiregulin in the treatment-damaged tumor microenvironment restrains therapeutic resistance Wang, CX; Long, QL; Fu, Q; Xu, QX; Fu, D; Li, Y; Gao, LB; Guo, JM; Zhang, XL; Lam, EWF; Campisi, J; Sun, Y Article ONCOGENE 2022
Targeting USP9X-AMPK Axis in ARID1A-Deficient Hepatocellular Carcinoma Zhang, FK; Ni, QZ; Wang, K; Cao, HJ; Guan, DX; Zhang, EB; Ma, N; Wang, YK; Zheng, QW; Xu, S; Zhu, B; Chen, TW; Xia, J; Qiu, XS; Ding, XF; Jiang, H; Qiu, L; Wang, X; Chen, W; Cheng, SQ; Xie, D; Li, JJ Article CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR GASTROENTEROLOGY AND HEPATOLOGY 2022
TGFB2-AS1 inhibits triple-negative breast cancer progression via interaction with SMARCA4 and regulating its targets TGFB2 and SOX2 Zhou, CX; Wang, DF; Li, JC; Wang, QY; Wo, LL; Zhang, X; Hu, ZX; Wang, Z; Zhan, MN; He, M; Hu, GH; Chen, XS; Shen, KW; Chen, GQ; Zhao, Q Article PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2022
The challenges in finding your homeas a multidisciplinary scientist Wang, S; Marr, LC; Contreras, LM; Theis, FJ; Nurse, P Editorial Material CELL 2022
The CTCF/LncRNA-PACERR complex recruits E1A binding protein p300 to induce pro-tumour macrophages in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma via directly regulating PTGS2 expression Liu, YH; Wang, XL; Zhu, YW; Cao, YZ; Wang, LW; Li, FL; Zhang, Y; Li, Y; Zhang, ZQ; Luo, JX; Deng, XX; Peng, CH; Wei, G; Chen, H; Shen, BY Article CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2022
The functional role of OGDH for maintaining mitochondrial respiration and identity of primed human embryonic stem cells Liu, YJ; Wang, H; Shao, M; Jin, Y; Liao, B Article BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2022
The novel mechanism of Med12-mediated drug resistance in a TGFBR2-independent manner Han, YM; Dong, Q; Liu, TT; Chen, XM; Yu, CH; Zhang, YF Article BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2022
The Peopling and Migration History of the Natives in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo: A Glimpse on the Studies Over the Past 100 years Hoh, BP; Deng, L; Xu, SH Review FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2022
The SNP rs516946 Interacted in the Association of MetS with Dietary Iron among Chinese Males but Not Females Zhu, ZN; Wang, ZY; Zang, JJ; Lu, Y; Xiao, ZY; Zheng, GY; Wu, F Article NUTRIENTS 2022
Thyroid-stimulating hormone regulates cardiac function through modulating HCN2 via targeting microRNA-1a Zhang, SJ; Li, R; Ma, YR; Yan, Y; Ma, M; Zhang, KQ; Zhou, Y; Li, L; Pan, LL; Ying, H; Xue, Y Article FASEB JOURNAL 2022
Time-restricted feeding ameliorates dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis via reducing intestinal inflammation Song, S; Chen, LL; Bai, MJ; Wang, S; Ye, XY; Lin, YJ; Luo, XM; Li, ZX; Zhang, LL; Zhu, XY; Wang, ZA; Chen, Y Article FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION 2022
Toxicities of nanomaterials and metals to rice under low atmospheric pressure Guo, KR; Fu, DH; Adeel, M; Shen, YZ; Wang, KX; Hao, Y; Bai, TH; Wang, YY; Rui, YK Article ACTA PHYSIOLOGIAE PLANTARUM 2022
Tracing Bai-Yue Ancestry in Aboriginal Li People on Hainan Island Chen, H; Lin, R; Lu, Y; Zhang, R; Gao, Y; He, YG; Xu, SH Article MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2022
Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization plus atezolizumab and bevacizumab for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma: a single-arm, phase 2 trial Wang, K; Yu, HM; Xiang, YJ; Cheng, YQ; Ni, QZ; Guo, WX; Shi, J; Feng, S; Zhai, J; Cheng, SQ Article FUTURE ONCOLOGY 2022
Transcription factor HESX1 enhances mesendodermal commitment of human embryonic stem cells by modulating ERK1/2 signaling Tong, R; Wang, H; Jin, Y; Li, H Article BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2022
Transcriptomics analysis and candidate genes associated with Xinjiang jujube fruits in response to Alternaria alternata infection Fan, YY; Zhang, RL; Liu, XQ; Ma, YS; Wang, Y; Liu, FJ; He, WZ; Wu, AB; Wang, C Article PHYSIOLOGICAL AND MOLECULAR PLANT PATHOLOGY 2022
Tumor microenvironment and cellular senescence: Understanding therapeutic resistance and harnessing strategies Liu, HX; Zhao, HF; Sun, Y Article SEMINARS IN CANCER BIOLOGY 2022
Uncovering the Role of PhzC as DAHP Synthase in Shikimate Pathway of Pseudomonas chlororaphis HT66 Wang, SW; Liu, DL; Bilal, M; Wang, W; Zhang, XH Article BIOLOGY-BASEL 2022
Unexpected expression of heat-activated transient receptor potential (TRP) channels in winter torpid bats and cold-activated TRP channels in summer active bats Li, YY; Lv, QY; Zheng, GT; Liu, D; Ma, J; He, GM; Zhang, LB; Zheng, S; Li, HP; Pan, YH Article ZOOLOGICAL RESEARCH 2022