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Association between body mass index, its change and cognitive impairment among Chinese older adults: a community-based, 9-year prospective cohort study Wu, SS; Lv, XZ; Shen, J; Chen, H; Ma, Y; Jin, XR; Yang, JX; Cao, YY; Zong, G; Wang, HL; Yuan, CZ Article; Early Access EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
miR-183 and miR-96 orchestrate both glucose and fat utilization in skeletal muscle Wang, H; Ma, M; Li, YY; Liu, JX; Sun, C; Liu, SN; Ma, YR; Yan, Y; Tang, ZL; Shen, SY; Yu, J; Wu, YT; Jiang, JJ; Wang, L; Jin, ZB; Ying, H; Li, Y Article; Early Access EMBO REPORTS
Serum Metabolomics Identifies Dysregulated Pathways and Potential Metabolic Biomarkers for Hyperuricemia and Gout Shen, X; Wang, C; Liang, NN; Liu, Z; Li, XD; Zhu, ZJ; Merriman, TR; Dalbeth, N; Terkeltaub, R; Li, CG; Yin, HY Article; Early Access ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATOLOGY
Tissue signals imprint Aiolos expression in ILC2s to modulate type 2 immunity Qiu, JX; Zhang, JJ; Ji, Y; Sun, HX; Gu, ZT; Sun, QL; Bai, MZ; Gong, J; Tang, JP; Zhang, YP; Li, SY; Shao, Z; Li, JS; Sheng, HM; Shen, L; Qiu, J Article; Early Access MUCOSAL IMMUNOLOGY
PRKAR2A deficiency protects mice from experimental colitis by increasing IFN-stimulated gene expression and modulating the intestinal microbiota Wei, LM; Zhang, RJ; Zhang, JZ; Li, JJ; Kong, DP; Wang, Q; Fang, J; Wang, LF Article; Early Access MUCOSAL IMMUNOLOGY
Thromboembolism after COVID-19 vaccine in patients with preexisting thrombocytopenia Mauriello, A; Scimeca, M; Amelio, I; Massoud, R; Novelli, A; Di Lorenzo, F; Finocchiaro, S; Cimino, C; Telesca, R; Chiocchi, M; Sun, Q; Wang, Y; Shi, YF; Novelli, G; Melino, G Article CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2021
The Essential Role of PRAK in Preserving Cardiac Function and Insulin Resistance in High-Fat Diet-Induced Diabetes Du, JF; Zhao, YT; Wang, H; Zhang, LX; Qin, GJ; Zhuang, SG; Kadin, M; Chin, YE; Liu, PY; Zhao, TC Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2021
TMEM229A suppresses non-small cell lung cancer progression via inactivating the ERK pathway Zhang, XL; He, Y; Jiang, Y; Bao, Y; Chen, QQ; Xie, D; Yu, HM; Wang, X Article ONCOLOGY REPORTS 2021
lncRNA SLERT controls phase separation of FC/DFCs to facilitate Pol I transcription Wu, M; Xu, G; Han, C; Luan, PF; Xing, YH; Nan, F; Yang, LZ; Huang, YK; Yang, ZH; Shan, L; Yang, L; Liu, JQ; Chen, LL Article SCIENCE 2021
De novo generation of macrophage from placenta-derived hemogenic endothelium Liang, GX; Zhou, CY; Jiang, XX; Zhang, YF; Huang, BF; Gao, SW; Kang, ZX; Ma, DY; Wang, FC; Gottgens, B; Wang, HM; Han, JDJ; Liu, F Article DEVELOPMENTAL CELL 2021
Alterations in the activity and sleep of Drosophila melanogaster under simulated microgravity Zhang, HY; Wang, YH; Zhang, ZY; Zhang, L; Tang, C; Sun, BQ; Jiang, ZH; Ding, B; Cai, P Article NPJ MICROGRAVITY 2021
Analysis of factors influencing patch test reactions: Results from a large- population-based study in Chinese Li, BJ; Cheng, Y; Tan, YM; Wang, FD; Hu, WY; Wang, XM; Liu, W; Krutmann, J; Wang, SJ; Zou, Y Article; Early Access JOURNAL OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY
Integrative Analysis Identified a 6-miRNA Prognostic Signature in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Chen, YQ; Wang, Z; Li, H; Li, YX Article FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2021
Cytosolic GDH1 degradation restricts protein synthesis to sustain tumor cell survival following amino acid deprivation Shao, JL; Shi, TZ; Yu, H; Ding, YF; Li, LP; Wang, X; Wang, XJ Article; Early Access EMBO JOURNAL
A systematic survey of PRMT interactomes reveals the key roles of arginine methylation in the global control of RNA splicing and translation Wei, HH; Fan, XJ; Hu, Y; Tian, XX; Guo, M; Mao, MW; Fang, ZY; Wu, P; Gao, SX; Peng, C; Yang, Y; Wang, ZF Article SCIENCE BULLETIN 2021
A comparison of epithelial cell content of oral samples estimated using cytology and DNA methylation Wong, YT; Tayeb, MA; Stone, TC; Lovat, LB; Teschendorff, AE; Iwasiow, R; Craig, JM Article; Early Access EPIGENETICS
DNA transposons mediate duplications via transposition-independent and -dependent mechanisms in metazoans Tan, SJ; Ma, HJ; Wang, JB; Wang, M; Wang, MX; Yin, HD; Zhang, YQ; Zhang, XY; Shen, JY; Wang, DY; Banes, GL; Zhang, ZH; Wu, JM; Huang, X; Chen, H; Ge, SQ; Chen, CL; Zhang, YE Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021
Antifungal agent Terbinafine restrains tumor growth in preclinical models of hepatocellular carcinoma via AMPK-mTOR axis Zhang, EB; Zhang, XP; Wang, K; Zhang, FK; Chen, TW; Ma, N; Ni, QZ; Wang, YK; Zheng, QW; Cao, HJ; Xia, J; Zhu, B; Xu, S; Ding, XF; Wang, X; Li, ZG; Cheng, SQ; Xie, D; Li, JJ Article; Early Access ONCOGENE
Identification of Microbiota Biomarkers With Orthologous Gene Annotation for Type 2 Diabetes Zhang, YH; Guo, W; Zeng, T; Zhang, SQ; Chen, L; Gamarra, M; Mansour, RF; Escorcia-Gutierrez, J; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY 2021
Identification of Novel Fused Heteroaromatics-Based MALT1 Inhibitors by High-Throughput Screening to Treat B Cell Lymphoma Liang, XW; Sun, CX; Li, CP; Yu, HL; Wei, XH; Liu, XY; Bao, W; Shi, YQ; Sun, XC; Khamrakulov, M; Yang, CH; Liu, H Article JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 2021
Identifying COVID-19-Specific Transcriptomic Biomarkers with Machine Learning Methods Chen, L; Li, ZD; Zeng, T; Zhang, YH; Feng, KY; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2021
A 5 '-tRNA halve, tiRNA-Gly promotes cell proliferation and migration via binding to RBM17 and inducing alternative splicing in papillary thyroid cancer Han, LT; Lai, HJ; Yang, YC; Hu, JQ; Li, Z; Ma, B; Xu, WB; Liu, WL; Wei, WJ; Li, DS; Wang, Y; Zhai, QW; Ji, QH; Liao, T Article JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2021
Rebalancing TGF-beta/Smad7 signaling via Compound kushen injection in hepatic stellate cells protects against liver fibrosis and hepatocarcinogenesis Yang, Y; Sun, MY; Li, WD; Liu, CB; Jiang, ZS; Gu, PF; Li, JQ; Wang, W; You, RL; Ba, Q; Li, XG; Wang, H Article CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2021
The ZMYND8-regulated mevalonate pathway endows YAP-high intestinal cancer with metabolic vulnerability Pan, Q; Zhong, SS; Wang, HL; Wang, XG; Li, N; Li, YQ; Zhang, GY; Yuan, HR; Lian, YN; Chen, QL; Han, Y; Guo, JC; Liu, QL; Qiu, T; Jiang, J; Li, QT; Tan, MJ; Yin, HY; Peng, JJ; Xiao, YC; Qin, J Article MOLECULAR CELL 2021
Pharmaco-transcriptomic correlation analysis reveals novel responsive signatures to HDAC inhibitors and identifies Dasatinib as a synergistic interactor in small-cell lung cancer Yang, HT; Sun, BB; Xu, K; He, YF; Zhang, T; Hall, SRR; Tan, ST; Schmid, RA; Peng, RW; Hu, GH; Yao, F Article EBIOMEDICINE 2021
Plasma glycerophospholipid profile, erythrocyte n-3 PUFAs, and metabolic syndrome incidence: a prospective study in Chinese men and women Chen, SS; Wu, QQ; Zhu, L; Zong, G; Li, HX; Zheng, H; Zeng, R; Lin, X; Sun, L Article AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION 2021
Photocatalytic Degradation of Deoxynivalenol Using Cerium Doped Titanium Dioxide under Ultraviolet Light Irradiation He, PZ; Zhao, ZY; Tan, YL; Hengchao, E; Zuo, MH; Wang, JH; Yang, JH; Cui, SX; Yang, XL Article TOXINS 2021
Plasma Sphingolipid Profile in Association with Incident Metabolic Syndrome in a Chinese Population-Based Cohort Study Yun, H; Qi, QB; Zong, G; Wu, QQ; Niu, ZH; Chen, SS; Li, HX; Sun, L; Zeng, R; Lin, X Article NUTRIENTS 2021
Editorial: Cross-Domain Analysis for "All of Us" Precision Medicine Zeng, T; Huang, T; Lu, C Editorial Material FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2021
TAGLN Is Downregulated by TRAF6-Mediated Proteasomal Degradation in Prostate Cancer Cells Wen, FP; Sun, XC; Sun, CX; Dong, ZY; Jia, GZ; Bao, W; Yu, HL; Yang, CH Article MOLECULAR CANCER RESEARCH 2021
Genetically predicted body composition in relation to cardiometabolic traits: a Mendelian randomization study Zeng, HL; Lin, CH; Wang, SJ; Zheng, Y; Gao, X Article; Early Access EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
Mechano-regulation of vascular network formation without branches in 3D bioprinted cell-laden hydrogel constructs Zhang, GL; Wang, Z; Han, FX; Jin, GZ; Xu, L; Xu, H; Su, H; Wang, H; Le, YY; Fu, Y; Ju, JH; Li, B; Hou, RX Article; Early Access BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING
Breast Tumor-Derived Exosomal MicroRNA-200b-3p Promotes Specific Organ Metastasis Through Regulating CCL2 Expression in Lung Epithelial Cells Gu, PF; Sun, MY; Li, L; Yang, Y; Jiang, ZS; Ge, Y; Wang, WB; Mu, W; Wang, H Article FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2021
The role of Sp140 revealed in IgE and mast cell responses in Collaborative Cross mice Matsushita, K; Li, X; Nakamura, Y; Dong, DY; Mukai, K; Tsai, M; Montgomery, SB; Galli, SJ Article JCI INSIGHT 2021
Special issue on recent progress with hPSC-derived cardiovascular cells for organoids, engineered myocardium, drug discovery, disease models, and therapy Boheler, KR; Meli, AC; Yang, HT Editorial Material PFLUGERS ARCHIV-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY 2021
Rapid Body-Wide Transcriptomic Turnover During Rhesus Macaque Perinatal Development Zhang, WQ; Wang, W; Zhao, MM; Turck, CW; Zhu, Y; Wang, GZ Article FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY 2021
Pan-cancer characterization of long non-coding RNA and DNA methylation mediated transcriptional dysregulation Yang, Z; Xu, F; Wang, HZ; Teschendorff, AE; Xie, F; He, YG Article EBIOMEDICINE 2021
The CTNNBIP1-CLSTN1 fusion transcript regulates human neocortical development Ou, MY; Xiao, Q; Ju, XC; Zeng, PM; Huang, J; Sheng, AL; Luo, ZG Article CELL REPORTS 2021
Nanobooster-encapsulated hybrid RNA as anti-tumor viral mimicry Liu, C; Zhou, YF; Ji, XY; Xie, H; Hu, XJ; Yin, M; Chen, N; Fan, CH; Song, HY Article NANO TODAY 2021
Analysis of the Sequence Characteristics of Antifreeze Protein Zhang, YH; Li, ZD; Lu, L; Zeng, T; Chen, L; Li, H; Huang, T; Cai, YD Article LIFE-BASEL 2021
SIRT1 regulatess, sphingolipid metabolism and neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells through c-Myc-SMPDL3B Fan, W; Tang, S; Fan, XJ; Fang, Y; Xu, XJ; Li, LP; Xu, J; Li, JL; Wang, ZF; Li, XL Article ELIFE 2021
Exosomes From Human Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promote Epidermal Stem Cell Proliferation Through Upregulating beta-Catenin, c-Myc and Cyclins Expression Liu, JW; Cao, GBA; Cheng, HY; Du, WW; Zhang, GL; Jin, GZ; Zhang, P; Wang, ZD; Liu, Z; Ju, JH; Le, YY; Fu, Y; Hou, RX Article PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2021
Performance assessment of sample-specific network control methods for bulk and single-cell biological data analysis Guo, WF; Yu, XT; Shi, QQ; Liang, J; Zhang, SW; Zeng, T Article PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2021
Mycobacterial fatty acid catabolism is repressed by FdmR to sustain lipogenesis and virulence Dong, WY; Nie, XQ; Zhu, H; Liu, QY; Shi, KX; You, LL; Zhang, Y; Fan, HY; Yan, B; Niu, C; Lyu, LD; Zhao, GP; Yang, C Article PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2021
SARS2020: an integrated platform for identification of novel coronavirus by a consensus sequence-function model Zhang, DC; Zhang, T; Liu, S; Sun, DD; Ding, SZ; Cheng, XX; Cai, PL; Ren, AL; Han, MY; Liu, DL; Jia, CC; Gong, LL; Zhang, R; Xing, HD; Tu, WZ; Chen, JN; Hu, QN Article BIOINFORMATICS 2021
Large-Scale Analysis of Bioactive Ligand Conformational Strain Energy by Ab Initio Calculation Tong, JH; Zhao, SW Article JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND MODELING 2021
A genome-wide association study of facial morphology identifies novel genetic loci in Han Chinese Huang, Y; Li, D; Qiao, L; Liu, Y; Peng, QQ; Wu, SJ; Zhang, MF; Yang, YJ; Tan, JZ; Xu, SH; Jin, L; Wang, SJ; Tang, K; Grunewald, S Review JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2021
Y-LineageTracker: a high-throughput analysis framework for Y-chromosomal next-generation sequencing data Chen, H; Lu, Y; Lu, DS; Xu, SH Article BMC BIOINFORMATICS 2021
Advances in Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer Liu, XX; Li, Z; Wang, YX Review ADVANCED BIOLOGY 2021
A custom-designed panel sequencing study in 201 Chinese patients with craniosynostosis revealed novel variants and distinct mutation spectra Wu, YZ; Peng, MF; Chen, JY; Suo, JL; Zou, SH; Xu, YQ; Wilkie, AOM; Zou, WG; Mu, XZ; Wang, SJ Letter JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2021