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Comparative Genomic and Transcriptomic Analyses Reveal the Impacts of Genetic Admixture in Kazaks, Uyghurs, and Huis Pan, YW; Wen, J; Ning, ZL; Yuan, Y; Liu, XB; Yang, YJ; Guan, YQ; Lu, Y; Mamatyusupu, D; Xu, SH Article MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2023
Complex clinical manifestations and new insights in RNA sequencing of children with diabetes and WFS1 variants Ding, Y; Li, Z; Zhang, QW; Li, N; Chang, GY; Wang, YR; Li, X; Li, J; Li, Q; Yao, RE; Wang, XM Article FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY 2023
Comprehensive spatiotemporal mapping of single-cell lineages in developing mouse brain by CRISPR-based barcoding Xie, LS; Liu, HX; You, ZW; Wang, LY; Li, YW; Zhang, XY; Ji, XS; He, H; Yuan, TL; Zheng, WP; Wu, ZY; Xiong, M; Wei, W; Chen, YJ Article; Early Access NATURE METHODS 2023
Controlling protein stability with SULI, a highly sensitive tag for stabilization upon light induction Mao, MW; Qian, YJ; Zhang, WY; Zhou, SY; Wang, ZF; Chen, XJ; Yang, Y Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
CotA laccase from Bacillus licheniformis ZOM-1 effectively degrades zearalenone, aflatoxin B1 and alternariol Sun, F; Yu, DZ; Zhou, HY; Lin, HK; Yan, Z; Wu, AB Article FOOD CONTROL 2023
CRISPR-dCas13-tracing reveals transcriptional memory and limited mRNA export in developing zebrafish embryos Huang, YK; Gao, BQ; Meng, Q; Yang, LZ; Ma, XK; Wu, H; Pan, YH; Yang, L; Li, D; Chen, LL Article GENOME BIOLOGY 2023
Cthrc1 deficiency aggravates wound healing and promotes cardiac rupture after myocardial infarction via non-canonical WNT5A signaling pathway Wang, D; Zhang, YP; Ye, TB; Zhang, RL; Zhang, LL; Shi, DM; Li, TX; Xia, GF; Niu, KF; Zhao, Z; Chen, Y; Pan, WJ; Liu, L; Jin, X; Shen, CX Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2023
CUL4B-DDB1-COP1-mediated UTX downregulation promotes colorectal cancer progression Luo, DK; Chen, M; Li, QG; Wang, KJJ; Wang, KH; Li, JQ; Fu, GX; Shan, ZZ; Liu, Q; Yang, YF; Liang, L; Ma, YL; Qin, Y; Qin, J; Gao, DM; Li, XX Article EXPERIMENTAL HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY 2023
Cynomolgus-rhesus hybrid macaques serve as a platform for imprinting studies. Lu, Zongyang; Li, Jie; Lu, Yong; Li, Ling; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Chenchen; Xu, Libing; Nie, Yanhong; Gao, Changshan; Bian, Xinyan; Liu, Zhen; Wang, Guang-Zhong; Sun, Qiang Journal Article Innovation (Cambridge (Mass.)) 2023
Cytosine base editors induce off-target mutations and adverse phenotypic effects in transgenic mice Yan, NA; Feng, H; Sun, YS; Xin, Y; Zhang, HH; Lu, HJ; Zheng, JT; He, CF; Zuo, ZR; Yuan, TL; Li, NA; Xie, L; Wei, W; Sun, YD; Zuo, ER Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Cytotoxicities of Co-occurring alternariol, alternariol monomethyl ether and tenuazonic acid on human gastric epithelial cells Lin, HK; Jia, BX; Wu, AB Article FOOD AND CHEMICAL TOXICOLOGY 2023
Data-Driven Elucidation of Flavor Chemistry Kou, XR; Shi, PQ; Gao, CK; Ma, PH; Xing, HD; Ke, QF; Zhang, DC Review JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY 2023
Data-Driven Prediction of Molecular Biotransformations in Food Fermentation Zhang, DC; Jia, CC; Sun, DD; Gao, CK; Fu, DH; Cai, PL; Hu, QN Article JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY 2023
Deciphering Alternaria metabolic responses in microbial confrontation via an integrated mass spectrometric targeted and non-targeted strategy Tian, Y; Abdallah, MF; De Boevre, M; Wang, C; Audenaert, K; De Saeger, S; Wu, AB Article FOOD CHEMISTRY 2023
Denture use and risk for cardiometabolic disease: observational and Mendelian randomization analyses Liu, YA; Qin, HQ; Li, TT; Feng, CW; Han, H; Cao, YY; Su, Y; He, HH; Yuan, CZ; Sun, M; Clarke, R; Gan, W; Tonetti, M; Zong, G Article; Early Access EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE CARDIOLOGY 2023
Design and application of the transformer base editor in mammalian cells and mice Han, WY; Gao, BQ; Zhu, JJ; He, ZX; Li, JF; Yang, L; Chen, J Article; Early Access NATURE PROTOCOLS 2023
Differential effects of social isolation on oligodendrocyte development in different brain regions: insights from a canine model Hong, HL; Guo, C; Liu, XR; Yang, LG; Ren, W; Zhao, H; Li, Y; Zhou, ZY; Lam, SM; Mi, JD; Zuo, ZT; Liu, CR; Wang, GD; Zhuo, Y; Zhang, YP; Li, YX; Shui, GH; Zhang, YQ; Xiong, Y Article FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2023
Discovery of the major 15-30 nt mammalian small RNAs, their biogenesis and function Lai, HJ; Feng, N; Zhai, QW Article NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2023
Disturbance of suprachiasmatic nucleus function improves cardiac repair after myocardial infarction by IGF2-mediated macrophage transition Hao, KL; Zhai, QC; Gu, Y; Chen, YQ; Wang, YN; Liu, R; Yan, SP; Wang, Y; Shi, YF; Lei, W; Shen, ZY; Xu, Y; Hu, SJ Article ACTA PHARMACOLOGICA SINICA 2023
DNA methylation age acceleration contributes to the development and prediction of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Xia, MF; Li, WR; Lin, HD; Zeng, HL; Ma, S; Wu, Q; Ma, H; Li, XM; Pan, BS; Gao, J; Hu, Y; Liu, Y; Wang, SJ; Gao, X Article; Early Access GEROSCIENCE 2023
DNMT3A governs tyrosine kinase inhibitors responses through IAPs and in a cell senescence-dependent manner in non-small cell lung cancer Deng, QF; Li, C; Liu, J; Ji, XX; Wan, XY; Wang, CY; Sun, H; Fang, QY; Gu, WQ; Ma, C; Wang, HY; Zhou, CC; Li, YX; Xie, BX; Zhou, SW Article AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CANCER RESEARCH 2023
Docosahexaenoic acid supplementation in gestational diabetes mellitus and neonatal metabolic health biomarkers Xu, YJ; Wang, WJ; Zhang, QY; Yang, MN; Zhang, L; He, H; Dong, Y; Ouyang, FX; Gao, Y; Zhang, J; Zheng, T; Luo, ZC Article FRONTIERS IN NUTRITION 2023
Dominant constraints on the evolution of rhythmic gene expression Cheng, Y; Chi, YH; Sun, LY; Wang, GZ Article COMPUTATIONAL AND STRUCTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 2023
DROEG: a method for cancer drug response prediction based on omics and essential genes integration Wu, PK; Sun, RL; Fahira, A; Chen, YZ; Jiangzhou, HT; Wang, K; Yang, QZ; Dai, Y; Pan, D; Shi, YY; Wang, Z Article BRIEFINGS IN BIOINFORMATICS 2023
Dual genetic tracing reveals a unique fibroblast subpopulation modulating cardiac fibrosis Han, MY; Liu, ZX; Liu, L; Huang, XZ; Wang, HX; Pu, WJ; Wang, EC; Liu, XX; Li, Y; He, LJ; Li, XF; Wu, JY; Qiu, L; Shen, RL; Wang, QD; Ji, Y; Ardehali, R; Shu, Q; Lui, KO; Wang, LX; Zhou, B Article NATURE GENETICS 2023
Dual human iPSC-derived cardiac lineage cell-seeding extracellular matrix patches promote regeneration and long-term repair of infarcted hearts Jiang, Y; Zhang, LL; Zhang, F; Bi, W; Zhang, P; Yu, XJ; Rao, SL; Wang, SH; Li, Q; Ding, C; Jin, Y; Liu, ZM; Yang, HT Article BIOACTIVE MATERIALS 2023
Early-life exposure to lead changes cardiac development and compromises long-term cardiac function Liu, Q; Xu, C; Jin, J; Li, WX; Liang, JJ; Zhou, SJ; Weng, ZK; Zhou, Y; Liao, XD; Gu, AH Article SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2023
Effect of Lacticaseibacillus paracasei strain Shirota supplementation on clinical responses and gut microbiome in Parkinson's disease Yang, XD; He, XQ; Xu, SQ; Zhang, Y; Mo, CJ; Lai, YQ; Song, YY; Yan, Z; Ai, PH; Qian, YW; Xiao, Q Article FOOD & FUNCTION 2023
Endothelial HDAC1-ZEB2-NuRD Complex Drives Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection Through Regulation of Protein S-Sulfhydration Luo, SS; Kong, CY; Zhao, S; Tang, X; Wang, Y; Zhou, XC; Li, R; Liu, XE; Tang, XL; Sun, SX; Xie, W; Zhang, ZR; Jing, Q; Gu, AH; Chen, F; Wang, DJ; Wang, H; Han, Y; Xie, LP; Ji, Y Article CIRCULATION 2023
Engineered dermis loaded with confining forces promotes full-thickness wound healing by enhancing vascularisation and epithelialisation Zhang, GL; Zhang, ZQ; Cao, GB; Jin, QH; Xu, L; Li, JY; Liu, Z; Xu, C; Le, YY; Fu, Y; Ju, JH; Li, B; Hou, RX Article ACTA BIOMATERIALIA 2023
Epigenetic regulation of human-specific gene expression in the prefrontal cortex Sun, WF; Xie, GC; Jiang, X; Khaitovich, P; Han, DD; Liu, XL Article BMC BIOLOGY 2023
Escaping but not the inactive X-linked protein complex coding genes may achieve X-chromosome dosage compensation and underlie X chromosome inactivation-related diseases Xing, ZH; Zhang, YC; Tian, ZY; Wang, M; Xiao, WW; Zhu, CQ; Zhao, SH; Zhu, YF; Hu, LD; Kong, XY Article HELIYON 2023
Expression of phenylalanine ammonia lyase as an intracellularly free and extracellularly cell surface-immobilized enzyme on a gut microbe as a live biotherapeutic for phenylketonuria Jiang, Y; Sun, BB; Qian, FH; Dong, F; Xu, CM; Zhong, WL; Huang, R; Zhai, QW; Jiang, Y; Yang, S Article SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2023
Expression profiles of east-west highly differentiated genes in Uyghur genomes Ning, ZL; Tan, XJ; Yuan, Y; Huang, K; Pan, YW; Tian, L; Lu, Y; Wang, XJ; Qi, RC; Lu, DS; Yang, YJ; Guan, YQ; Mamatyusupu, D; Xu, SH Article NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2023
Fe3O4/ZIFs-based magnetic solid-phase extraction for the effective extraction of two precursors with diverse structures in aflatoxin B1 biosynthetic pathway Zhang, YQ; Man, Y; Li, JN; Sun, YM; Jiang, XM; He, LJ; Zhang, SS Article TALANTA 2023
Feature-classified cancer burden study makes cancer control more targeted Li, LB; Ma, ZY Editorial Material; Early Access INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER 2023
FKBP51 plays an essential role in Akt ubiquitination that requires Hsp90 and PHLPP Tufano, M; Marrone, L; D'Ambrosio, C; Di Giacomo, V; Urzini, S; Xiao, YC; Matuozzo, M; Scaloni, A; Romano, MF; Romano, S Article CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2023
Fully automatic landmarking of 2D photographs identifies novel genetic loci influencing facial features Li, Q; Chen, JY; Faux, P; Navarro, N; Wang, SJ; Adhikari, K; Ruiz-Linares, A Meeting Abstract EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2023
Fusarium Mycotoxins and OTA in Beer from Shanghai, the Largest Megacity in China: Occurrence and Dietary Risk Assessment Xu, AQ; Zhou, HY; Yu, SH; Li, YQ; Wang, L; Wu, AB; Liang, J; Peng, SJ; Liu, N Article FOODS 2023
GATA zinc finger protein p66β promotes breast cancer cell migration by acting as a co-activator of Snail Zou, XQ; Ma, L; Zhang, YH; Zhang, Q; Xu, C; Zhang, D; Chu, YM; Zhang, J; Li, MY; Zhang, H; Wang, JM; Peng, CC; Wei, G; Wu, YJ; Hou, ZY; Jia, H Article CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2023
Gemcitabine and cisplatin or oxaliplatin chemotherapy combined with atezolizumab plus bevacizumab for advanced biliary tract cancers: a single-arm trial Wang, K; Yu, HM; Xiang, YJ; Cheng, YQ; Ni, QZ; Guo, WX; Shi, J; Feng, S; Zhai, J; Cheng, SQ Article FUTURE ONCOLOGY 2023
Genetic and epigenetic regulation of HES1 and KLF6 in skin aging: Results from a large population-based study in China Li, B; Tian, S; Wang, F; Su, W; Wang, S Meeting Abstract JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2023
Genetic Origins and Adaptive Evolution of the Deng People on the Tibetan Plateau Ge, XL; Lu, Y; Chen, SH; Gao, Y; Ma, LF; Liu, LJ; Liu, JJ; Ma, XX; Kang, LL; Xu, SH Article MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2023
Genetic Variants in Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Contribute to Solar Lentigines Peng, QQ; Liu, Y; Huels, A; Zhang, CF; Yu, Y; Qiu, WQ; Cai, XY; Zhao, YP; Schikowski, T; Merches, K; Liu, Y; Yang, YJ; Wang, JC; Zhao, Y; Jin, L; Zhang, L; Krutmann, J; Wang, SJ Article JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2023
Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia Zhang, QY; Gao, Y; Lin, SC; Goldin, LR; Wang, YH; Stevenson, H; Edelman, DC; Killian, K; Marti, G; Meltzer, PS; Xiang, S; Caporaso, NE Article FRONTIERS IN GENETICS 2023
Genome-wide scans identified genetic variants associated with lacrimal sulcus in Han Chinese Wang, F; Qi, Q; Li, Z; Fu, X; Wang, S Meeting Abstract JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2023
Genomic inference of a severe human bottleneck during the Early to Middle Pleistocene transition. Hu, Wangjie; Hao, Ziqian; Du, Pengyuan; Di Vincenzo, Fabio; Manzi, Giorgio; Cui, Jialong; Fu, Yun-Xin; Pan, Yi-Hsuan; Li, Haipeng Science (New York, N.Y.) 2023
Genotype-guided model significantly improves accuracy of tacrolimus initial dosing after liver transplantation Shi, BJ; Liu, Y; Liu, DH; Yuan, LY; Guo, WZ; Wen, PH; Su, ZJ; Wang, J; Xu, SQ; Xia, JJ; An, WB; Wang, R; Wen, PZ; Xing, TH; Zhang, JY; Gu, HT; Wang, ZW; Zhong, L; Fan, JW; Li, H; Zhang, WT; Peng, ZH Article ECLINICALMEDICINE 2023
Glycolytic neutrophils accrued in the spleen compromise anti-tumour T cell immunity in breast cancer Wang, Y; Xu, MH; Sun, J; Li, XX; Shi, HZ; Wang, XF; Liu, BM; Zhang, T; Jiang, X; Lin, LY; Li, Q; Huang, Y; Liang, Y; Hu, MY; Zheng, FJ; Zhang, FY; Sun, J; Shi, YF; Wang, Y Article; Early Access NATURE METABOLISM 2023
Goliath induces inflammation in obese mice by linking fatty acid β-oxidation to glycolysis Hao, SM; Zhang, SL; Ye, JL; Chen, LF; Wang, Y; Pei, SY; Zhu, QC; Xu, J; Tao, YZ; Zhou, N; Yin, HY; Duan, CW; Mao, CM; Zheng, MY; Xiao, YC Article EMBO REPORTS 2023