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Dynamical Binding Modes Determine Agonistic and Antagonistic Ligand Effects in the Prostate-Specific G-Protein Coupled Receptor (PSGR) Wolf, S; Jovancevic, N; Gelis, L; Pietsch, S; Hatt, H; Gerwert, K Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Effects of Genetic and Nongenetic Factors on Total and Bioavailable 25(OH)D Responses to Vitamin D Supplementation Yao, P; Sun, L; Lu, L; Ding, H; Chen, XF; Tang, LX; Xu, XM; Liu, G; Hu, Y; Ma, YW; Wang, FJ; Jin, QL; Zheng, H; Yin, HY; Zeng, R; Chen, Y; Hu, FB; Li, HX; Lin, X Article JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM 2017
Effects of maternal and fetal LEP common variants on maternal glycemic traits in pregnancy Lin, R; Ju, HF; Yuan, ZY; Zhang, CC; Zeng, LL; Sun, YT; Su, ZY; Jin, L Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Elucidation of Single Hydrogen Bonds in GTPases via Experimental and Theoretical Infrared Spectroscopy Mann, D; Howeler, U; Kotting, C; Gerwert, K Article BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 2017
Endothelial Basement Membrane Laminin 511 Contributes to Endothelial Junctional Tightness and Thereby Inhibits Leukocyte Transmigration Song, J; Zhang, XL; Buscher, K; Wang, Y; Wang, HY; Di Russo, J; Li, LX; Lutke-Enking, S; Zarbock, A; Stadtmann, A; Striewski, P; Wirth, B; Kuzmanov, I; Wiendl, H; Schulte, D; Vestweber, D; Sorokin, L Article CELL REPORTS 2017
Engineering Artificial Factors to Specifically Manipulate Alternative Splicing in Human Cells Wei, HH; Liu, YL; Wang, Y; Lu, QY; Yang, XR; Li, JF; Wang, ZF Article JOVE-JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS 2017
Enhanced base editing by co-expression of free uracil DNA glycosylase inhibitor Wang, LJ; Xue, W; Yan, L; Li, XS; Wei, J; Chen, MM; Wu, J; Yang, B; Yang, L; Chen, J Letter CELL RESEARCH 2017
Enhancing the RNA engineering toolkit Yang, L; Chen, LL Editorial Material SCIENCE 2017
EphB3 Stimulates Cell Migration and Metastasis in a Kinase-dependent Manner through Vav2-Rho GTPase Axis in Papillary Thyroid Cancer Li, JJ; Sun, ZJ; Yuan, YM; Yin, FF; Bian, YG; Long, LY; Zhang, XL; Xie, D Article JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2017
Epigenetic and genetic deregulation in cancer target distinct signaling pathway domains Gao, Y; Teschendorff, AE Article NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2017
Epigenetic modifications of interleukin-6 in synovial fibroblasts from osteoarthritis patients Yang, F; Zhou, S; Wang, CD; Huang, Y; Li, HW; Wang, Y; Zhu, ZN; Tang, J; Yan, MN Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Epigenomic analysis in a cell-based model reveals the roles of H3K9me3 in breast cancer transformation Li, QL; Lei, PJ; Zhao, QY; Li, LY; Wei, G; Wu, M Article EPIGENOMICS 2017
Epithelial EZH2 serves as an epigenetic determinant in experimental colitis by inhibiting TNF alpha-mediated inflammation and apoptosis Liu, YF; Peng, JJ; Sun, TY; Li, N; Zhang, L; Ren, JL; Yuan, HR; Kan, S; Pan, Q; Li, X; Ding, YF; Jiang, M; Cong, XJ; Tan, MJ; Ma, YS; Fu, D; Cai, SJ; Xiao, YC; Wang, XM; Qin, J Article PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2017
Eplerenone Prevents Atrial Fibrosis via the TGF-beta Signaling Pathway Du, LL; Qin, M; Yi, Y; Chen, XQ; Jiang, WF; Zhou, L; Zhang, DL; Xu, K; Yang, YQ; Li, C; Liu, Y; Liu, X; Duan, SZ Article CARDIOLOGY 2017
E-Prostanoid 3 Receptor Mediates Sprouting Angiogenesis Through Suppression of the Protein Kinase A/beta-Catenin/Notch Pathway Chen, D; Tang, J; Wan, QY; Zhang, J; Wang, K; Shen, YJ; Yu, Y Article ARTERIOSCLEROSIS THROMBOSIS AND VASCULAR BIOLOGY 2017
Evaluation of Protocols for Measuring Leaf Photosynthetic Properties of Field-Grown Rice Chang, TG; Xin, CP; Qu, MN; Zhao, HL; Song, QF; Zhu, XG Article RICE SCIENCE 2017
Exosome cofactor hMTR4 competes with export adaptor ALYREF to ensure balanced nuclear RNA pools for degradation and export Fan, J; Kuai, B; Wu, GF; Wu, XD; Chi, BK; Wang, LT; Wang, K; Shi, ZB; Zhang, H; Chen, S; He, ZS; Wang, SY; Zhou, ZC; Li, GH; Cheng, H Article EMBO JOURNAL 2017
Exploring the Mutational Robustness of Nucleic Acids by Searching Genotype Neighborhoods in Sequence Space Zhou, QT; Sun, XB; Xia, XL; Fan, Z; Luo, ZF; Zhao, SW; Shakhnovich, E; Liang, HJ Article JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2017
Extensive translation of circular RNAs driven by N-6-methyladenosine Yang, Y; Fan, XJ; Mao, MW; Song, XW; Wu, P; Zhang, Y; Jin, YF; Yang, Y; Chen, LL; Wang, Y; Wong, CCL; Xiao, XS; Wang, ZF Article CELL RESEARCH 2017
Extracellular vesicles in the tumor microenvironment: Therapeutic resistance, clinical biomarkers, and targeting strategies Han, L; Xu, J; Xu, Q; Zhang, B; Lam, EWF; Sun, Y Review MEDICINAL RESEARCH REVIEWS 2017
Fasting-induced hormonal regulation of lysosomal function Chen, LQ; Wang, K; Long, AJ; Jia, LJ; Zhang, YY; Deng, HT; Li, Y; Han, JB; Wang, YG Article CELL RESEARCH 2017
FGF2 cooperates with IL-17 to promote autoimmune inflammation Shao, XR; Chen, SY; Yang, DP; Cao, MT; Yao, YK; Wu, ZX; Li, NL; Shen, N; Li, XX; Song, XY; Qian, YC Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate and aldolase mediate glucose sensing by AMPK Zhang, CS; Hawley, SA; Zong, Y; Li, MQ; Wang, ZC; Gray, A; Ma, T; Cui, JW; Feng, JW; Zhu, MJ; Wu, YQ; Li, TY; Ye, ZY; Lin, SY; Yin, HY; Piao, HL; Hardie, DGR; Lin, SC Article NATURE 2017
Functional analysis reveals that RBM10 mutations contribute to lung adenocarcinoma pathogenesis by deregulating splicing Zhao, JW; Sun, Y; Huang, Y; Song, F; Huang, ZS; Bao, YF; Zuo, J; Saffen, D; Shao, Z; Liu, W; Wang, YB Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Functional expression of the Ca2+ signaling machinery in human embryonic stem cells Huang, JJ; Wang, YJ; Zhang, M; Zhang, P; Liang, H; Bai, HJ; Yu, XJ; Yang, HT Article ACTA PHARMACOLOGICA SINICA 2017
Furan fatty acids - Beneficial or harmful to health? Xu, L; Sinclair, AJ; Faiza, M; Li, DM; Han, XL; Yin, HY; Wang, YH Review PROGRESS IN LIPID RESEARCH 2017
Gene expression reversal toward pre-adult levels in the aging human brain and age-related loss of cellular identity Donertas, HM; Izgi, H; Kamacioglu, A; He, ZS; Khaitovich, P; Somel, M Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Gene therapy research in Asia Deng, HX; Wang, Y; Ding, QR; Li, DL; Wei, YQ Review GENE THERAPY 2017
Genetic diversity and phylogeographic structure of Bactrian camels shown by mitochondrial sequence variations Ming, L; Yi, L; Sa, R; Wang, ZX; Wang, Z; Ji, R Article ANIMAL GENETICS 2017
Genetic progression in gastrointestinal stromal tumors: mechanisms and molecular interventions Li, K; Cheng, HB; Li, Z; Pang, YZ; Jia, XN; Xie, FF; Hu, GH; Cai, QP; Wang, YX Review ONCOTARGET 2017
Genetic structure of Tibetan populations in Gansu revealed by forensic STR loci Yao, HB; Wang, CC; Wang, J; Tao, XL; Shang, L; Wen, SQ; Du, QJ; Deng, QY; Xu, BY; Huang, Y; Wang, HD; Li, SJ; Cong, B; Ma, LY; Jin, L; Krause, J; Li, H Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Genetic tracing of hepatocytes in liver homeostasis, injury, and regeneration Wang, Y; Huang, XZ; He, LJ; Pu, WJ; Li, Y; Liu, QZ; Li, Y; Zhang, LB; Yu, W; Zhao, H; Zhou, YQ; Zhou, B Article JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2017
Genetic variants associated with skin aging in the Chinese Han population Gao, WS; Tan, JZ; Huls, A; Ding, AA; Liu, Y; Matsui, MS; Vierkotter, A; Krutmann, J; Schikowski, T; Jin, L; Wang, SJ Article JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGICAL SCIENCE 2017
Genetic variation in glia-neuron signalling modulates ageing rate Yin, JA; Gao, G; Liu, XJ; Hao, ZQ; Li, K; Kang, XL; Li, H; Shan, YH; Hu, WL; Li, HP; Cai, SQ Article NATURE 2017
Genome engineering of stem cell organoids for disease modeling Sun, YM; Ding, QR Article PROTEIN & CELL 2017
Genome-wide DNA Methylation Analysis Reveals GABBR2 as a Novel Epigenetic Target for EGFR 19 Deletion Lung Adenocarcinoma with Induction Erlotinib Treatment Niu, XM; Liu, FT; Zhou, Y; Zhou, Z; Zhou, DZ; Wang, T; Li, ZM; Ye, XY; Yu, YF; Weng, XL; Zhang, H; Ye, JY; Liao, M; Liu, Y; Chen, ZW; Lu, S Article CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2017
Genome-Wide Screen of DNA Methylation Changes Reveals GABBR2 as a Novel Potential Target for EGFR 19 Deletion Adenocarcinoma with Erlotinib Niu, XM; Liu, FT; Zhou, Y; Zhou, Z; Liu, Y; Chen, ZW; Lu, S Meeting Abstract JOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY 2017
Genomic Analysis Reveals Hypoxia Adaptation in the Tibetan Mastiff by Introgression of the Gray Wolf from the Tibetan Plateau Miao, BP; Wang, Z; Li, YX Article MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2017
Global Prioritizing Disease Candidate lncRNAs via a Multi-level Composite Network Yao, QL; Wu, LL; Li, J; Yang, LG; Sun, YD; Li, Z; He, S; Feng, FYM; Li, H; Li, YX Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Grape seed proanthocyanidin extract ameliorates inflammation and adiposity by modulating gut microbiota in high-fat diet mice Liu, W; Zhao, SQ; Wang, JQ; Shi, J; Sun, YK; Wang, WQ; Ning, G; Hong, J; Liu, RX Article MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH 2017
Hemin Improves Insulin Sensitivity and Lipid Metabolism in Cultured Hepatocytes and Mice Fed a High-Fat Diet Luan, Y; Zhang, F; Cheng, YL; Liu, J; Huang, R; Yan, MH; Wang, YG; He, ZS; Lai, HJ; Wang, H; Ying, H; Guo, FF; Zhai, QW Article NUTRIENTS 2017
Hepatic GALE Regulates Whole-Body Glucose Homeostasis by Modulating Tff3 Expression Zhu, Y; Zhao, SG; Deng, YF; Gordillo, R; Ghaben, AL; Shao, ML; Zhang, F; Xu, P; Li, Y; Cao, HC; Zagnitko, O; Scott, DA; Gupta, RK; Xing, C; Zhang, BB; Lin, HV; Scherer, PE Article DIABETES 2017
HIC1 loss promotes prostate cancer metastasis by triggering epithelial - mesenchymal transition Hao, MG; Li, Y; Wang, JL; Qin, J; Wang, YY; Ding, YF; Jiang, M; Sun, XQ; Zu, LD; Chang, K; Lin, GW; Du, JY; Korinek, V; Ye, DW; Wang, JH Article JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY 2017
Highly efficient base editing in human tripronuclear zygotes Zhou, CY; Zhang, ML; Wei, Y; Sun, YD; Sun, Y; Pan, H; Yao, N; Zhong, WX; Li, YX; Li, WP; Yang, H; Chen, ZJ Letter PROTEIN & CELL 2017
Hippo signalling governs cytosolic nucleic acid sensing through YAP/TAZ-mediated TBK1 blockade Zhang, Q; Meng, FS; Chen, SS; Plouffe, SW; Wu, SY; Liu, SD; Li, XR; Zhou, RY; Wang, JX; Zhao, B; Liu, JM; Qin, J; Zou, J; Feng, XH; Guan, KL; Xu, PL Article NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 2017
Histone methyltransferase SETD2 modulates alternative splicing to inhibit intestinal tumorigenesis Yuan, HR; Li, N; Fu, D; Ren, J; Hui, JY; Peng, JJ; Liu, YF; Qiu, T; Jiang, M; Pan, Q; Han, Y; Wang, XM; Li, QT; Qin, J Article JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2017
Hsp90 inhibition destabilizes Ezh2 protein in alloreactive T cells and reduces graft-versus-host disease in mice Huang, QR; He, S; Tian, YY; Gu, YT; Chen, P; Li, CH; Huang, JF; Liu, YN; Yu, HS; Jin, M; Hu, SY; Tong, Q; Ma, AQ; Jin, J; Hexner, E; Fung, H; Reshef, R; Zhang, Y; Zhang, YY Article BLOOD 2017
Hypomethylation of CNTFR alpha is associated with proliferation and poor prognosis in lower grade gliomas Fan, K; Wang, XW; Zhang, JW; Ramos, RI; Zhang, HB; Li, CJ; Ye, D; Kang, JS; Marzese, DM; Hoon, DSB; Hua, W Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Identification of a cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction gene signature for predicting clinical outcomes in patients with colorectal cancer Dong, CP; Wang, X; Xu, HL; Zhan, XH; Ren, H; Liu, ZH; Liu, G; Liu, L Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2017
Identification of a novel series of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative phospholipid oxidation products containing the cyclopentenone moiety in vitro and in vivo: Implication in atherosclerosis Lu, JH; Guo, SY; Xue, XL; Chen, Q; Ge, J; Zhuo, YJ; Zhong, HQ; Chen, BX; Zhao, MM; Han, W; Suzuki, T; Zhu, MJ; Xia, L; Schneider, C; Blackwell, TS; Porter, NA; Zheng, LM; Tsimikas, S; Yin, HY Article JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2017