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Cell Division Cycle 42 plays a Cell type-Specific role in Lung Tumorigenesis Zheng, C; Wang, YT; Yang, L; Zhou, SH; Gao, YJ; Li, FM; Feng, Y; Wang, ZY; Zhan, LX; Yan, Q; Zhu, XL; Wong, KK; Chen, ZJ; Ji, HB Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Cell-matrix signals specify bone endothelial cells during developmental osteogenesis Langen, UH; Pitulescu, ME; Kim, JM; Enriquez-Gasca, R; Sivaraj, KK; Kusumbe, AP; Singh, A; Di Russo, J; Bixel, MG; Zhou, B; Sorokin, L; Vaquerizas, JM; Adams, RH Article NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 2017
Cell-type deconvolution in epigenome-wide association studies: a review and recommendations Teschendorff, AE; Zheng, SC Review EPIGENOMICS 2017
ChAMP: updated methylation analysis pipeline for Illumina BeadChips Tian, Y; Morris, TJ; Webster, AP; Yang, Z; Beck, S; Feber, A; Teschendorff, AE Article BIOINFORMATICS 2017
Changes in Lipidome Composition during Brain Development in Humans, Chimpanzees, and Macaque Monkeys Li, Q; Bozek, K; Xu, C; Guo, YA; Sun, J; Paabo, S; Sherwood, CC; Hof, PR; Ely, JJ; Li, Y; Willmitzer, L; Giavalisco, P; Khaitovich, P Article MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 2017
Chemical biology reveals CARF as a positive regulator of canonical Wnt signaling by promoting TCF/beta-catenin transcriptional activity He, XL; Zhang, WJ; Yan, C; Nie, F; Li, C; Liu, XF; Fei, C; Li, SD; Song, XM; Jia, YY; Zeng, R; Wu, DQ; Pan, WJ; Hao, XJ; Li, L Article CELL DISCOVERY 2017
Chemical proteomics reveal CD147 as a functional target of pseudolaric acid B in human cancer cells Zhou, YQ; Di, ZG; Li, XM; Shan, YH; Li, W; Zhang, HC; Xiao, YL Article CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2017
Cholesterol and fatty acids regulate cysteine ubiquitylation of ACAT2 through competitive oxidation Wang, YJ; Bian, Y; Luo, J; Lu, M; Xiong, Y; Guo, SY; Yin, HY; Lin, X; Li, Q; Chang, CCY; Chang, TY; Li, BL; Song, BL Article NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 2017
Chronic Low-Dose Cadmium Exposure Impairs Cutaneous Wound Healing With Defective Early Inflammatory Responses After Skin Injury Mei, H; Yao, PL; Wang, SS; Li, N; Zhu, TF; Chen, XF; Yang, MM; Zhuo, S; Chen, ST; Wang, JM; Wang, H; Xie, D; Wu, YN; Le, YY Article TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES 2017
Circular RNA profile indicates circular RNA VRK1 is negatively related with breast cancer stem cells Yan, NN; Xu, HY; Zhang, JN; Xu, L; Zhang, YY; Zhang, L; Xu, YC; Zhang, FC Article ONCOTARGET 2017
Circulating microRNA-1a is a biomarker of Graves' disease patients with atrial fibrillation Wang, F; Zhang, SJ; Yao, X; Tian, DM; Zhang, KQ; She, DM; Guo, FF; Zhai, QW; Ying, H; Xue, Y Article ENDOCRINE 2017
Circulating microRNAs: a novel potential biomarker for diagnosing acute aortic dissection Dong, J; Bao, JM; Feng, R; Zhao, ZQ; Lu, QS; Wang, GK; Li, HY; Su, DF; Zhou, J; Jing, Q; Jing, ZP Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
CNVbase: Batch identification of novel and rare copy number variations based on multi-ethnic population data Zhang, C; Lu, JQ; Lou, HY; Du, RQ; Xu, SH; Shen, YP; Zhang, F; Jin, L Letter JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2017
Common variants in GRIK4 and major depressive disorder: An association study in the Chinese Han population Ren, DC; Bi, Y; Xu, F; Niu, WB; Zhang, R; Hu, JX; Guo, ZM; Wu, X; Cao, YF; Huang, XY; Yang, FP; Wang, L; Li, WD; Xu, YF; He, L; Yu, T; He, G; Li, XW Article NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS 2017
Comparison of left ventricular structure and function in primary aldosteronism and essential hypertension by echocardiography Yang, Y; Zhu, LM; Xu, JZ; Tang, XF; Gao, PJ Article HYPERTENSION RESEARCH 2017
Competitive profiling of celastrol targets in human cervical cancer HeLa cells via quantitative chemical proteomics Zhou, YQ; Li, WC; Wang, ML; Zhang, XX; Zhang, HB; Tong, XF; Xiao, YL Article MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS 2017
Complement-mediated inhibition of adiponectin regulates perivascular inflammation and vascular injury in hypertension Ruan, CC; Ma, Y; Ge, Q; Li, Y; Zhu, LM; Zhang, Y; Kong, LR; Wu, QH; Li, FH; Cheng, LX; Zhao, AZ; Zhu, DL; Gao, PJ Article FASEB JOURNAL 2017
Complete genome sequence of Bacillus velezensis S3-1, a potential biological pesticide with plant pathogen inhibiting and plant promoting capabilities Jin, Q; Jiang, QY; Zhao, L; Su, CZ; Li, SS; Si, FY; Li, SS; Zhou, CH; Mu, YL; Xiao, M Article JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2017
Comprehensive analysis of differential co-expression patterns reveal transcriptional dysregulation mechanism and identify novel prognostic lncRNAs in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Li, Z; Yao, QL; Zhao, SJ; Wang, Y; Li, YX; Wang, Z Article ONCOTARGETS AND THERAPY 2017
Comprehensive investigation of temporal and autism-associated cell type composition-dependent and independent gene expression changes in human brains Yu, QH; He, ZS Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Comprehensive metabolomics identified lipid peroxidation as a prominent feature in human plasma of patients with coronary heart diseases Lu, JH; Chen, BX; Chen, TT; Guo, SY; Xue, XL; Chen, Q; Zhao, MM; Xia, L; Zhu, ZJ; Zheng, LM; Yin, HY Article REDOX BIOLOGY 2017
Comprehensive transcriptome analysis of neocortical layers in humans, chimpanzees and macaques He, ZS; Han, DD; Efimova, O; Guijarro, P; Yu, QH; Oleksiak, A; Jiang, SS; Anokhin, K; Velichkovsky, B; Grunewald, S; Khaitovich, P Article NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 2017
Coordinated circRNA Biogenesis and Function with NF90/NF110 in Viral Infection Li, X; Liu, CX; Xue, W; Zhang, Y; Jiang, S; Yin, QF; Wei, J; Yao, RW; Yang, L; Chen, LL Article MOLECULAR CELL 2017
Correcting for cell-type heterogeneity in epigenome-wide association studies: revisiting previous analyses Zheng, SC; Beck, S; Jaffe, AE; Koestler, DC; Hansen, KD; Houseman, AE; Irizarry, RA; Teschendorff, AE Letter NATURE METHODS 2017
Correlation between serum lead and thyroid diseases: papillary thyroid carcinoma, nodular goiter, and thyroid adenoma Li, H; Li, X; Liu, J; Jin, LP; Yang, F; Wang, JB; Wang, OC; Gao, Y Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH 2017
CRISPR/Cas9 with single guide RNA expression driven by small tRNA promoters showed reduced editing efficiency compared to a U6 promoter Wei, YD; Qiu, Y; Chen, YH; Liu, GG; Zhang, YX; Xu, LW; Ding, QR Article RNA 2017
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated targeted chromosome elimination Zuo, EW; Huo, XN; Yao, X; Hu, XD; Sun, YD; Yin, JH; He, BB; Wang, X; Shi, LY; Ping, J; Wei, Y; Ying, WQ; Wei, W; Liu, WJ; Tang, C; Li, YX; Hu, JZ; Yang, H Article GENOME BIOLOGY 2017
Cross Talk between Histone Deacetylase 4 and STAT6 in the Transcriptional Regulation of Arginase 1 during Mouse Dendritic Cell Differentiation (vol 35, pg 63, 2015) Yang, Q; Wei, JY; Zhong, LM; Shi, MH; Zhou, P; Zuo, SK; Wu, K; Zhu, MJ; Huang, X; Yu, Y; Zhang, H; Yin, HY; Zhou, J Correction MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 2017
Cuprous oxide nanoparticles inhibit prostate cancer by attenuating the stemness of cancer cells via inhibition of the Wnt signaling pathway Wang, Y; Yang, QW; Yang, Q; Zhou, T; Shi, MF; Sun, CX; Gao, XX; Cheng, YQ; Cui, XG; Sun, YH Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE 2017
Cytoplasmic poly(A)-binding protein 1 (PABPC1) interacts with the RNA-binding protein hnRNPLL and thereby regulates immunoglobulin secretion in plasma cells Peng, YZ; Yuan, JJ; Zhang, ZC; Chang, X Article JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2017
Daily chemical evodiamine from Chinese prickly ash attenuates osteoclast differentiation through RANKL induced NFAT pathways Jiang, L; Zhao, XY; Pei, JJ; Mei, LJ; Cui, YL; Wang, S; Shao, Y; Zhang, XL; Tao, YD Article JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS 2017
dbDEMC 2.0: updated database of differentially expressed miRNAs in human cancers Yang, Z; Wu, LC; Wang, AQ; Tang, W; Zhao, Y; Zhao, HT; Teschendorff, AE Article NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2017
Deciphering the Relationship between Obesity and Various Diseases from a Network Perspective Chen, L; Zhang, YH; Li, JR; Wang, SP; Zhang, YH; Huang, T; Cai, YD Review GENES 2017
Deficiency of p38 in macrophage ameliorates d-galactosamine/TNF--induced acute liver injury in mice Liu, J; Zhang, SJ; Cao, HC; Wang, H; Sun, C; Liu, SN; Yu, SX; Li, Y; Liu, W; Wang, H; Jiang, JJ; Ying, H Article FEBS JOURNAL 2017
Deletion of ATF4 in AgRP Neurons Promotes Fat Loss Mainly via Increasing Energy Expenditure Deng, JL; Yuan, FX; Guo, YJ; Xiao, YZ; Niu, YG; Deng, YL; Han, X; Guan, YF; Chen, SH; Guo, FF Article DIABETES 2017
Deletion of Macrophage Mineralocorticoid Receptor Protects Hepatic Steatosis and Insulin Resistance Through ER/HGF/Met Pathway Zhang, YY; Li, C; Yao, GF; Du, LJ; Liu, Y; Zheng, XJ; Yan, S; Sun, JY; Liu, Y; Liu, MZ; Zhang, XR; Wei, G; Tong, WX; Chen, XB; Wu, Y; Sun, SY; Liu, SL; Ding, QR; Yu, Y; Yin, HY; Duan, SZ Article DIABETES 2017
Determination of Genes Related to Uveitis by Utilization of the Random Walk with Restart Algorithm on a Protein-Protein Interaction Network Lu, SH; Yan, Y; Li, Z; Chen, L; Yang, J; Zhang, YH; Wang, SP; Liu, L Article INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2017
Development of a Three-Dimensional Ray-Tracing Model of Sugarcane Canopy Photosynthesis and Its Application in Assessing Impacts of Varied Row Spacing Wang, Y; Song, QF; Jaiswal, D; de Souza, AP; Long, SP; Zhu, XG Article BIOENERGY RESEARCH 2017
Diagnostic implication of fibrin degradation products and D-dimer in aortic dissection Dong, J; Duan, XL; Feng, R; Zhao, ZQ; Feng, X; Lu, QS; Jing, Q; Zhou, J; Bao, JM; Jing, ZP Article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2017
Differential regulation analysis reveals dysfunctional regulatory mechanism involving transcription factors and microRNAs in gastric carcinogenesis Li, QX; Li, JY; Dai, WT; Li, YX; Li, YY Article ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE 2017
Differentiated demographic histories and local adaptations between Sherpas and Tibetans Zhang, C; Lu, Y; Feng, QD; Wang, XJ; Lou, HY; Liu, JJ; Ning, ZL; Yuan, K; Wang, YC; Zhou, Y; Deng, L; Liu, LJ; Yang, YJ; Li, SL; Ma, LF; Zhang, ZY; Jin, L; Su, B; Kang, LL; Xu, SH Article GENOME BIOLOGY 2017
Dihydroartemisinin selectively inhibits PDGFR alpha-positive ovarian cancer growth and metastasis through inducing degradation of PDGFR alpha protein Li, XG; Ba, Q; Liu, YL; Yue, QX; Chen, PZ; Li, JQ; Zhang, HB; Ying, H; Ding, QR; Song, HY; Liu, H; Zhang, RW; Wang, H Article CELL DISCOVERY 2017
Discovery of Novel Lipid Profiles in PCOS: Do Insulin and Androgen Oppositely Regulate Bioactive Lipid Production? Li, SX; Chu, QQ; Ma, J; Sun, Y; Tao, T; Huang, R; Liao, Y; Yue, J; Zheng, J; Wang, LH; Xue, XL; Zhu, MJ; Kang, XN; Yin, HY; Liu, W Article JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM 2017
Dissection of the module network implementation "LemonTree": enhancements towards applications in metagenomics and translation in autoimmune maladies Lu, YT; Zhou, XY; Nardini, C Article MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS 2017
Disturbed tryptophan metabolism correlating to progression and metastasis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Cheng, J; Jin, H; Hou, XB; Lv, J; Gao, XF; Zheng, GY Article BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2017
DJ-1 Inhibits alpha-Synuclein Aggregation by Regulating Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy Xu, CY; Kang, WY; Chen, YM; Jiang, TF; Zhang, J; Zhang, LN; Ding, JQ; Liu, J; Chen, SD Article FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE 2017
DNA methylation profiling identifies the HOXA11 gene as an early diagnostic and prognostic molecular marker in human lung adenocarcinoma Li, Q; Chen, C; Ren, XH; Sun, WH Article ONCOTARGET 2017
DNA methylome analysis reveals distinct epigenetic patterns of ascending aortic dissection and bicuspid aortic valve Pan, S; Lai, H; Shen, YR; Breeze, C; Beck, S; Hong, T; Wang, CS; Teschendorff, AE Article CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH 2017
Downregulated miR-29a/b/c during Contact Inhibition Stage Promote 3T3-L1 Adipogenesis by Targeting DNMT3A Zhu, YJ; Zheng, GY; Wang, HC; Jia, YD; Zhang, Y; Tang, YF; Li, WL; Fan, YA; Zhang, XD; Liu, YW; Liu, SH Article PLOS ONE 2017
Downregulation of CXCL12 in mesenchymal stromal cells by TGF beta promotes breast cancer metastasis Yu, PF; Huang, Y; Xu, CL; Lin, LY; Han, YY; Sun, WH; Hu, GH; Rabson, AB; Wang, Y; Shi, YF Article ONCOGENE 2017