Opportunities have arisen to join the Computational Systems Epigenomics Lab, headed by Prof Andrew Teschendorff, at the CAS Key Lab of Computational Biology in Shanghai. The Computational Systems Epigenomics Lab carries out computational research at the interface between Epigenomics, Aging and Cancer, with a special focus on Single-Cell Omic and DNA methylation data analysis. We are interested in using computational and mathematical methods, often drawn from signal processing and network science fields, to elucidate systems-biological principles underlying aging and cancer, and specifically, to better understand the role of epigenetics and DNA methylation changes in cancer formation. In line with P4 Medicine we are also keen on using epigenetic clock and single-cell methods to develop practical cancer risk prediction tools. For recent publications, see https://aeteschendorff-lab.github.io.

Position: Staff scientist position in Computational Biology

Job Description:
The job entails performing basic research, to help with writing papers. This is an excellent opportunity for a recent master graduate to develop and grow their academic career in Computational Biology, as well as to improve their oral and written communication skills in English.

Essential Job Requirements:
1,A master degree in a computational/scientific discipline, preferably Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Network Science, Physics or Engineering.
2,Excellent programming experience in R (Bioconductor) and Python.
3,Good IT skills including linux OS.
4,Good oral and written English.
5,Excellent organizational skills.
6,Team Player.

The job is available with immediate effect. Interested applicants should send a brief cover letter and CV (all in English), to:
Prof Andrew Teschendorff
Email: andrew@sinh.ac.cn